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Base maps

Base Map is a map of a country or area showing typical geographical information, including borders, administrative divisions, major cities, roads and disputed areas. The map can be used in PowerPoint to add information on a situation using icons and other PowerPoint objects like arrows and text boxes.
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Visibility Id   Title Published Country Emergency  
Internal 2474
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16/04/2018 France
Internal 2412
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Sweden Base Map

19/02/2018 Sweden
Internal 2410
download pptm   download .png


16/02/2018 Djibouti
Internal 2388
download pptm   download .png


02/02/2018 Uganda
Internal 2381
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ECHO C4 Mission to the Philippines

25/01/2018 Philippines
Internal 2375
download pptm   download .png

Spain Base Map

19/01/2018 Spain
Internal 2362
download pptm   download .png

Ethiopia Base Map

12/01/2018 Ethiopia
Internal 2282
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Portugal Base Map

23/10/2017 Portugal
Internal 1992
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East Asia Base Map

14/03/2017 Asia
Internal 1987
download pptm   download .png

Southeast Asia Base Map

09/03/2017 Asia
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