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Myanmar – Humanitarian situation in Kachin State

published on 19/04/2018
  • Military offensives by the Myanmar Armed Forces, involving heavy artillery and aerial bombing, have been continuing across various places in Kachin State since 11 April 2018. The situation is dramatically affecting the lives of local civilian populations, causing casualties, detainment, entrapment and new displacements.
  • Continued indiscriminate attacks on civilian areas has taken place. Around 2 000 civilians from Awng Lawt villages were trapped and fled into the forest due to intensified fighting between rebel groups (KIA) and the Burmese army (Tatmadaw) since 11 April. 172 civilians, including children and elderly of Karmaing Township, have been detained by the government armed forces in the nearby forest and brought by foot to Karmaing. It was reported that some of them are being tortured.
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