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Rescue workers are provided by an emergency readiness and rescue training system, which includes the following establishments:

  • The Rescue College of the Public Service Academy – four-year study, in either a day or correspondence programme. Prepares college-educated specialists for the Rescue Service
  • The Estonian Rescue School of the Public Service Academy in Väike-Maarja – prepares fire fighters/rescuers and fire-fighting and rescue specialists in a one-year programme based on secondary education. It also organises in-service training related to fire-fighting and rescue and trains the emergency service’s dispatchers through a one-year programme.


Exercises are developed by the Estonian Ministry of the Interior.

The Estonian Disaster Relief Team (EDRT) regularly participates in international exercises.

Early warning systems

Early warning towards professionals and the public is the responsibility of the Estonian Rescue Board. Public information, among other things, consists of spokespersons or live transmissions from disaster scenes.

Communication systems are employed between operational forces involved in interventions/coordination.


The general aim of preventive action in the field of rescue is to create a living environment in Estonia where everyone generates and values safety and security, thereby decreasing the number of accidents and casualties resulting from accidents and also the extent of damage. Preventive action includes measures addressed directly towards the public, which are used in order to prevent accidents or decrease the extent of damage in case of an accident. Preventive action is divided into four main fields of activity:

  • Initial conduct in case of an accident
  • The safety and security of children and young people
  • The safety and security of homes
  • Safety and security outside the home.

Coordination and cooperation between civil protection and disaster prevention are provided by the Estonian Rescue Board.