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 ECHO Daily Flash of 19 December 2014

I. International

Bangladesh - Oil Spill (ECHO)

  • A tanker, carrying an estimated 350 000 litres of oil, collided on Tuesday, 9 December with another vessel and partly sank in the Sundarbans Shela River.
  • In response to a request from the Government of Bangladesh, the UN deployed an UNDAC team to support the Government’s cleanup efforts and to conduct and develop an action plan addressing long-term environmental impacts.
  • EU thorough the European Civil Protection mechanism has provided an associated oil pollution French expert, who will join the UNDAC team in Dhaka today, 19 December.

Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador - Food Insecurity (ECHO, WFP)

  • According to the Global Food Security Update just published by WFP, drought has seriously affected vulnerable populations in Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador.
  • One in four households (874 000 people) in the surveyed eastern and western regions of Guatemala are severely or moderately food insecured. In the drought-affected areas of Honduras, 36 percent of households (681 500 people) are facing food insecurity as well as 13 per cent of households in El Salvador.
  • Many affected households are reported to apply coping mechanisms such as reducing their food consumption. The outlook for recovery depends largely on the second planting season.

Syria Crisis – Humanitarian needs and assistance (ECHO, UN, NGOs, Governments)

  • On 18 December, United Nations agencies and NGOs presented to donors the 2015 Syria Crisis appeal plans in a ceremony held in Berlin. The appeals, comprising both humanitarian and development programmes, request over USD8.4 billion to meet the needs of 18 million people in Syria and across the region.
  • The Syria Strategic Plan (SRP) aims at providing life-saving assistance to 12.2 million conflict-affected people in Syria with a required budget of USD2.9 billion. Following a Whole-of-Syria approach, the Syria SRP integrates humanitarian efforts within the country and across its borders.
  • The 2015-2016 Regional Refugee and Resilience Plan (3RP) combines life-saving humanitarian and long-term interventions to help boost the capacities of countries in the region as they continue hosting millions of Syrian refugees. The 3RP has a budget of USD5.5 billion to directly assist close to 6 million refugees and host communities. Currently, it is projected that up to 4.27 million refugees would be in countries neighbouring Syria by the end of 2015.
  • The Syria Crisis appeals for 2015 also include programmes of assistance for Palestine refugees in and from Syria with a budget of USD415.4 million. About half of the 560 000 Palestine refugees registered with UNRWA in Syria are internally displaced and an estimated 80 000 have fled the country.

Malaysia and Thailand - Severe weather - UPDATE (ECHO, WMO, Media)

  • Heavy rain caused flooding in the southern provinces along the Thai-Malaysian border in Narathiwat, Yala, and Phatthalung provinces, with 166mm rain measured over 17 - 18 Dec in 24h in Kutan.
  • The Sungai Kolok border crossing between Malaysia and Thailand in Narathiwat province is flooded and closed.
  • The flood left two persons dead in Malaysia and one in Thailand. Two people are still missing in Thailand, several houses are flooded and around 80 schools were closed, while more than 26 000 people were affected, and 2 000 people have been evacuated. In Malaysia the number of displaced people increased to 12,000.
II. Europe

Northern Europe - Severe Weather - Warning (DWD, SMHI, JRC)

  • Strong winds, rainfall and storm surge are forecast to affect parts of northern Europe (the North Sea and the Baltic Sea) starting on 19 December. In Germany, wind gusts of up to 85km/h are likely to occur on 19 December, according to the German Meteorological Service, while JRC calculations indicate a possible storm surge of the order of 2.1m in the area of Friedrichsgabekoog, in Schleswig-Holstein, in the morning of 20 December.

Meteoalarm - as of 19 December, 7.30 UTC (EUMETNET - Metoalarm )

  • Winds in eastern parts of Germany; in north-eastern parts of Austria - Orange Alert
  • Snow and ice in central-western parts of Finland - Orange Alert

Reported high discharges/floods during the last 24 hours by National services - 19 December 07:44 UTC (EFAS)

UK: On the National Webpage are Flood Alerts in place in Northwest England (rivers Calder and Aire), Northeast England (river Mersey) and in Wales (river Dyfi).
III. Factsheets

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