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 ECHO Daily Flash of 19 October 2017

I. International

Madagascar - Plague (DG ECHO, WHO)

  • According to WHO's  report of 17 October, between 1 August and 15 October, 849 cases (suspected, probable and confirmed) have been recorded, including 67 deaths. The case fatality rate is 7,9%. Of the 849 reported cases, 9,2% were confirmed, 35% classified as probable and 55% remain suspect. Of these, 568 cases (67%) were clinically classified as pneumonic plague, 155 (18,3%) as bubonic plague. At least 39 healthcare workers have contracted plague since the beginning of the outbreak.
  • Plague is endemic in the Plateaux of Madagascar. A seasonal upsurge (predominantly the bubonic form) usually occurs each year between September and April. Unlike the usual endemic pattern, the plague season began early this year and the current outbreak has affected major urban centres, including the capital Antanarivo and the port city of Toamasina.
  • The health response is being coordinated by the Ministry of Public Health, co-led by WHO and supported by agencies and partners directly involved in the health response. The health sector response is organised into four committees: 1) surveillance 2) community response 3) case management 4) communication, with the logistics committee crosscutting all committees.
  • The outbreak of plague in Madagascar continues to evolve, though with an overall reduction in the case fatality rate. The Ministry of Public Health other national authorities, WHO and partners continue to scale up implementation of outbreak containment measures. The most critical needs at this stage include scaling up and rapidly improving effectiveness of the control interventions. Effective risk communication and coordination are equally vital.

Myanmar/Bangladesh - Rakhine/Rohingya crisis (DG ECHO, media, partners)

  • 15 000 new arrivals remain stuck in the no-man’s land between Myanmar and Bangladesh, as Bangladesh ordered the closure of the border. The group is supported by several agencies, including DG ECHO partners. UN and other agencies are advocating the government to let the group enter. A basic transit camp is being constructed to decongest the area where they are stranded.
  • Health agencies have reported almost 60 confirmed measles cases, confirming an increasing risk of outbreak of communicable diseases. A measles vaccination campaign will start soon, combined with the cholera vaccination campaign that started on 11 October.
  • On 18 October, Amnesty International highlighted that in Rakhine State “the attack on the Rohingya population has been both systematic and widespread, constituting serious human rights violations and crimes against humanity under international law” referring to at least six crimes against humanity: unlawful killing, including through the use of landmines; deportation and forcible displacement; torture; rape and other forms of sexual violence; prosecution based on ethnic and religious grounds; other inhumane acts, including denial of access to life-sustaining provisions.
  • According to Human Rights Watch, new satellite images reveal that at least 288 villages were partially or totally burnt in the municipalities of Maungdaw, Bhutidaung and Rathedaung, out of a total of 866 villages surveyed during the period of 25 August – 25 September. 
  • Most of the humanitarian activities of UN agencies and INGOs in Rakhine State remain suspended or severely interrupted. It is estimated that 500 000 people might be in need of humanitarian assistance.

Philippines, Japan - Tropical Cyclones LAN and TWENTYSIX (GDACS, NOAA)

  • Tropical Cyclone LAN (named PAOLO in the Philippines), formed over the southern Philippine Sea on 15 October. Over the next 48 hours, it is forecast to continue moving north, over the Philippine Sea, strengthening. It could reach south-eastern Honshu island (Japan) on 23 October as an intense typhoon.
  • In the meantime, a new Tropical Depression named TWENTYSIX formed over the South China Sea on 18 October. Over the next 24 hours, it is forecast to make the landfall as a tropical depression over Minapla Bay (northwestern Palawan island) and over Visayas islands as a Tropical Storm.
  • According to media, as of 19 October at 6.30 (UTC), one person has been killed and 12 000 have been displaced in the Zamboanga area (Mindanao island).
II. Europe

Portugal, Spain - Forest Fire Update (EFFIS, Copernicus EMS, National authorities, Media)

  • The forest fires situation has improved across mainland Portugal and north-western Spain, as of 19 October at 6.30 UTC. According to the Portuguese National Authority for Civil Protection (ANPC) there are no more active fires and the latest three fires have been controlled. According to media, as of 19 October the death toll in Portugal has reached 42.
  • According to Spanish Civil Protection, as of 18 October at 12.30 (UTC), four forest fires were still active, while the remaining 32 forest fires were being controlled or fully extinguished.
  • The Copernicus Emergency Management Service (EMSR250) was activated on 16 October and delivered eight satellite maps to support Portugal.
  • Over the next 24 hours, light to moderate rainfall in forecast for affected areas in Portugal and Spain.

Reported high discharges/floods warnings during the last 24 hours by National services (EFAS)

  • Denmark: Ongoing flood (national alert level 2 out of 4) are reported for 1 river in Schleswig Holstein (Eider river at Voorde).
  • Lithuania: Ongoing flood (national alert level 2 out of 3) and flood warnings (one national alert level 1/2, one national level 2/2) in Nyoman river.
  • Poland: Ongoing flood (national alert level 3 out of 3) is reported for Drweca and Mlawka river.

III. Factsheets


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