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 ECHO Daily Flash of 27 March 2015

I. International

Chile - Floods (ECHO)

  • Two northern Chile regions (Atacama and Antofagasta) are currently the most affected ones by heavy rains that have caused floodings and landslides. A state of emergency is in effect since 26 March for the Atacama Region and the Antofagasta municipality.
  • The Health Ministry has declared a Sanitary Alert in Copiapó, Tierra Amarilla, Diego de Almagro y Alto del Carmen.
  • So far, nine people are reported dead, 19 missing and 5 576 people took refuge in 23 shelters. 35 houses have been destroyed and 941 partially damaged. Many communities have not been reached yet, as access by road is impossible. The Government has provided 15 helicopters in order to complete assessments.
  • In Antofagasta Region electricity has been re-established and several health facilities are not operational as they are still flooded or sustained structural damage. In Atacama Region, 20 000 people remain without electricity and 7 500 people without drinking water. Several health facilities are not operational. In Coquimbo Region, 7 429 people remain without electricity and 41 000 people without drinking water.


  • As a consequence of intense rainfall in Chosica (Luringacho District, Department of Lima) on 23 March, a mudslide (huayco) caused several deaths and significant damage to infrastructure. Eight fatalities, six missing and 25 people injured are confirmed so far. In addition 153 houses have collapsed.
  • A state of National Emergency has been declared in Chosica for 60 days. The President of Peru and local authorities have visited the zone and are assisting the affected population in coordination with INDECI (the national institute of civil protection) and other state authorities.
  • An emergency state decree may also be required in  Santa Eulalia District in Huarochirí (Lima Department) as a result of heavy precipitation and mudslides that occurred near the Rimac river.
  • Access to the area is difficult as one of the main roads (Carretera Central) is blocked by mud and rocks. According to SENAMHI (the national weather service) heavy rainfall will continue in the Sierra and Coastal areas until 28 March.

Ecuador - Floods (ECHO, MIES)

  • In El Oro province (Coastal region), the damage to residential infrastructure has been reported in Balsa municipality where 20 families were evacuated as a result of heavy rainfall and the overflow of Santa Elena gully. Public water infrastructure has also been completely flooded, as well as the drainage system, which collapsed.
  • The Los Ríos province (Coastal region) has also been affected, mainly Babahoyo city, where eight families have been evacuated.
  • Various municipalities in Loja province (south of Ecuador, Sierra region), such as Macará, Zapotillo, Celica and Paltas, have also been affected by heavy rainfall, overflows and landslides. There were no casualties reported.
  • In Alluriquín Parrish (Santo Domingo province), 281 families have been evacuated and are assisted in a sport centre which has been used as a temporary shelter. Alóag – Santo Domingo route has not been restored yet.

Colombia - Severe weather (NGRD, IDEAM, NOAA, Media)

  • Severe weather, including heavy rain and hail, affected several areas of Colombia in the last few days, causing a number of landslides and floods.
  • In Bogota, an intense hail storm injured three people and damaged more than 150 houses on 22 -23 March. In the same area, one day before, a landslide affected 100 people and damaged at least 14 houses.
  • Over the next 24 h, moderate to heavy rains may affect south-eastern Colombia.

Pakistan - Internally Displaced Persons (ECHO, OCHA, FDMA,)

  • Last week, the Government of Pakistan started with the return of displaced families from Bara, in Khyber Agency, FATA (Federally Administered Tribal Areas). To date, the overall number of families whose return has been assisted since then is 3 704 as per FATA Disaster Management Authority (FDMA) data.
  • In parallel, the return of South Waziristan Agency (SWA) internally displaced persons (IDPs) continues. The total number of families whose return has been facilitated since the start of the returns on 16 March is 3 068. 
  • Regarding North Waziristan Agency (NWA), FDMA has indicated that the facilitation of return by families from NWA who have been enlisted for return will start on 31 March.
  • According the Government's overall IDPs return plan, the return of 125 000 families from different agencies in FATA will be facilitated in the course of 2015. However, actual return movements will depend on military operations in FATA and the related security situation.
II. Europe

Ukraine - Conflict (ECHO, UNHCR)

  • Despite the ceasefire agreement of 12 February, shelling and fighting are reported in and around Mariupol and along the line of contact particularly in the area of northern Donetsk.
  • The number of registered IDPs doubled since December 2014, and now amounts 1 152 000, but has stabilized with the reduction in the intensity of the fighting.
  • Many landmines and unexploded ordnance were detected in the conflict areas.
  • Access for humanitarian workers and protection of people trapped in the conflict areas are still of concern due to the temporary order restricting the movement of people over the demarcation lines, including for humanitarian aid workers. Access to medicines and health services is also limited.

Reported high discharges/floods warnings during the last 24 hours by National services (EFAS)

  • Spain: A Flood alert is active in the Ebro basin, location Río Ebro en Castejón.
  • Italy: Ongoing high discharges of the second national alert level on the Secchia river. Water levels are decreasing in the upper part and culminating in the lower part.

MeteoAlarm - as of 27 March, 7.40 UTC (EUMETNET - MeteoAlarm)

  • Wind in Sardinia and Sicily (Italy); in Castellón and Tarragona (Spain); in western Croatia - Orange Alert
  • Thunderstorms in southern Italy - Orange Alert
  • Rain in southern Bulgaria; southern Italy - Orange Alert
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