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 ECHO Daily Flash of 23 February 2018

I. International

Syria – Conflict, Eastern Ghouta (DG ECHO, UN, INGOs, ICRC, Media)

  •  The humanitarian situation in Eastern Ghouta has become extremely worrying over the last days. On 21 February, the UN Secretary General who described Eastern Ghouta as "hell on earth" requested an immediate suspension of all war activities to allow the evacuation of hundreds of people who require urgent treatment as well the delivery of humanitarian aid.
  • The death toll is sharply increasing. The UN Under-Secretary General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator Mark Lowcock stated in a briefing of the UN Security Council on 22 February that over the previous 24 hours, heavy shelling and aerial bombardment on multiple communities in East Ghouta continued, resulting in the death of at least 50 people and wounding at least 200. According to local sources, the total death toll since 19 February is close to 290 people, including dozens of women and children. According to the UK based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, at least 373 people have been killed in Eastern Ghouta since 18 February. Mr. Lowcock recalled at the UN Security Council that obligations under international humanitarian law are binding obligations.
  • On the 22 February, the UNSC was urged by Sweden and Kuwait to adopt a resolution calling for a 30-days ceasefire in Syria. The resolution was not adopted due to Russian opposition.
  • Hospitals and medical facilities have been systematically targeted by airstrikes and shelling over the past days. INGOs local health actors report that 13 hospitals and medical centers across Eastern Ghouta are now completely out of service. Others are damaged and only partially operative, with a capacity to treat only a limited range of injuries. No medical evacuation has been completed. The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) called in a statement on 21 February for access to the wounded and warned that the medical personnel in eastern Ghouta are unable to cope with the high number of casualties and with the lack of medicines and supplies.
  • Most of the population in Ghouta is sheltering underground, with limited or no access to basic commodities, water and sanitation. No formal/informal movement into or out of the area has reportedly been possible.

Yemen - Conflict (DG ECHO, UN OCHA, INGOs)

  • DG ECHO has resumed direct in-country monitoring following violent events of December 2017. DG ECHO is currently assessing the humanitarian situation and its partners’ response in Sana’a and Hodeidah governorates.
  • The Saudi led Coalition agreed on a second extension of Hodeidah port opening for humanitarian and essential commercial goods import. DG ECHO continuously advocates for unhindered access for humanitarian and commercial commodities into and within Yemen, and for sustained access through all Yemeni ports by avoiding access time frames which negatively impact on commercial operations.
  • In 2018, up to 100 000 people have been forcibly displaced as a result of up-scaled military operations in southern Hodeidah governorate. DG ECHO humanitarian partners are assisting these newly displaced in Ibb, Aden and northern Hodeidah governorates, providing safe water, sanitation and emergency cash transfers.
  • Cholera (1 062 423 suspected cases) and diphtheria (1 087 probable cases) outbreaks continue to decimate the population, with Ibb and Hodeidah being the hardest hit governorates. The first round of Penta vaccine campaign (including diphtheria) will start on 24 February in priority districts. A first phase of Oral Cholera Vaccination in high risk districts is expected to begin in March 2018. DG ECHO humanitarian partners have strengthened their capacity for cholera response and prevention ahead of the imminent rainy season.

USA and Canada - Flood (National Authorities, Media)

  • Heavy rain has been affecting several States of the Midwest (USA) and Ontario State (Canada) since 21 January, causing floods, causalities and damages.
  • According to media, as of 23 February at 7.30 UTC, two people were reported dead (one in Fairplain, Michigan and one in Stilwell, Oklahoma). One person is missing in Ontario (Canada) and 19 people were evacuated in Elkhart (Indiana). In addition, media reported several houses evacuated in Dallas area.
  • Over the next 24 hours, more heavy rain is forecast for the already affected areas in the USA and in Ontario (Canada).

Indonesia - Landslide (BNPB, BMKG, Local media)

  • Heavy rain has been affecting several areas of Indonesia over the fast few days, causing floods and triggering landslides.
  • National authorities reported, as of 23 February, that a landslide occurred in Pasir Panjag village (Central Java), causing the death of five people and injuring 14 people. In addition, 18 people are still missing. Search and rescue operations are ongoing in the area of the landslide as well as in the river Cigunung. 
  • Over the next 48 hours, moderate to locally heavy rain with thunderstorms may continue to affect several areas of the country, including the already affected ones.
II. Europe

Reported high discharges/floods warnings during the last 24 hours by National services (EFAS)

  • Bulgaria: flood alert level 1/2 on many stations across the whole territory (as reported on 2018-02-20).
  • Croatia: flood alert level 2/4 on Cesma and Kanal Obžev rivers.
  • Lithuania: alert level 2/3 on downstream part of Neman River.
  • Poland: alert level 3/3 for Obra River and at 2 stations of Warminsko-Mazurskie region.
  • Ukraine: alert level 2/3 on Stokhid river.
  • France: alert level 2/3 on upper parts of the Adour River.

Meteoalarm - As of 23 February, 7:30 UTC (EUMETNET)

  • On 23 February: red alert for strong winds in central-northern coastal regions of Croatia
  • On 24 February: red alert for strong winds in central-northern coastal regions of Croatia.
III. Factsheets


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