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 ECHO Daily Flash of 24 November 2014

I. International

Morocco - Severe Weather (WMO, Media)

  • Heavy rainfall affected central and southern Morocco in the past couple of days, with 80mm recorded in 24h near Agadir. Media report flash floods in the provinces of Marrakesh, Guelmim, Agadir and Ouarzazate, with the death toll ranging from 14 to over 30 people, while many others were still missing.
  • Hundreds of houses have reportedly collapsed and many roads were destroyed in the affected areas.

Indonesia - Severe Weather UPDATE (BNPB, AHA Centre)

  • Heavy rainfall has caused river overflows and trigger landslides on the island of Sumatra in the past few days.
  • As of 22 November, National authorities reports 1 084 houses flooded in North Aceh Regency, while in the whole of Aceh province 46 000 people were displaced.
  • Furthermore, landslides in Central Tapanuli, Agam and Sijunjung Regencies have caused six deaths and destroyed several houses.

China - Earthquake UPDATE (GDACS, USGS, Chinese Government, Local Media)

  • On 22 November, 08.55 UTC, a 5.9M earthquake, 14.6km depth, occurred  in the south-western province of Sichuan with epicentre Kangding county, approximately 39km north-west of Garzê town.
  • The National Authorities reported two people dead and 27 injured. 
  • USGS PAGER estimates 2 000 people exposed to Strong shaking.

Cape Verde - Volcanic Eruption (Cabo Verde Government, NASA, Media)

  • The volcano on the island of Fogo, Cape Verde, started erupting on 23 November at 10.00 (LT), emitting gas and lava.
  • The National Authorities ordered the evacuation of the community of Chã das Caldeiras (700 - 1 000 people), located approximately 3km from the erupting peak, Pico do Fogo.
II. Europe

MeteoAlarm - as of 24 November, 7.40 UTC (EUMETNET - MeteoAlarm)

  • Wind along the western coast of Latvia; northern and north-western coast of Poland - Orange Alert

Reported high discharges/floods during the last 24 hours by National services (EFAS)

  • United Kingdom: the Environment Agency has flood warnings active for the Anglian region.
  • Switzerland: Ongoing high discharges on Lago di Lugano (alert level 3) - water levels are decreasing. 
  • Italy: Ongoing high discharges on Po river (alert level 2).
  • Croatia: Ongoing high discharges on Sava river - water levels are decreasing, on Lonja river - water levels are stable.
III. Factsheets


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