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 ECHO Daily Flash of 30 November 2015

I. International

Polynesia – Tropical Cyclone TUNI (GDACS, WMO, Fiji Meteorological Service, Media)

  • Tropical Cyclone TUNI formed in the Pacific Ocean, between the Polynesian islands of Samoa and Wallis and Futuna, on 27 November. It moved south-east, its centre passing west and south of Samoa islands, and continued towards Niue, maintaining its Tropical Storm intensity throughout its path.
  • On 29 November, at 18.00 UTC, TUNI’s centre was located 130 km north-east of Niue and it had maximum sustained wind speed of 65 km/h. It was forecast to move south, passing east of Niue and weakening into a Tropical Depression early on 30 November, before dissipating.
  • Heavy rainfall and strong winds affected the islands along TUNI’s path, with 83 mm of rain recorded on Tutuila island, American Samoa, and 184 mm on Niue over 28-29 November, both within 24 h. Floods and landslides have been reported in Samoa, although the situation has improved and roads are once again accessible, according to media, as of 30 November.
  • Srong winds are expected to continue affecting Niue on 30 November and a strong wind warning remains there in effect.

Kenya – Severe Weather (WMO,NMS, NOAA, Media)

  • Heavy rain, consequent floods and landslides continue affecting several parts of the country over the past month. Approximately 54 mm of rain were observed in 24 h in Nyeri municipality, Central province, over 29-30 November.
  • As of 30 November, media report over 20 people have died, of which 10 in Gatundu, Kiambu county, and at least 12 in Homa Bay county. At least 14 people are missing and about 1 000 families have been displaced in Migori county over the past two days. In total, at least 80 people have died throughout the country within the last month.
  • Over the next 24 h rain may still affect most parts of the country with possibly heavy rain affecting the northern parts.
II. Europe

Northern Europe – Severe Weather (DWD, DMI, EUMETNET Meteoalarm, Media)

  • Severe weather, including strong winds, storm surge and heavy rainfall, have been affecting northern Europe over the last couple of days. JRC calculations indicated a possible storm surge of the order of 2.6 m at Romo Kirkeby, south-western Denmark, and 2.4 m in the island of Slyt, northern Germany, in the evening of 29 November. 
  • The severe weather phenomena caused power outages in the northern part of the island of Ireland, affected the traffic throughout Denmark and caused property damage in northern Germany, where floods in Hamburg have also been reported, according to local media, as of 30 November.
  • Heavy rainfall and strong winds will continue affecting northern and north-eastern Europe over 30 November – 1 December. Red Alerts for winds and/or rain are in effect for most of Germany, as well as Red Alerts for wind along the coasts of Poland and Latvia, as of early on 30 November. Denmark has maintained a warning for high water levels in western Limfjord, as of the same day. 

Meteoalarm as of 30 November, 7.40 UTC (EUMETNET Meteoalarm)

  • Winds in northern and eastern Germany; western coast of Latvia; coast of Poland; central-northern SlovakiaRed Alert
  • Rain in central, western and southern GermanyRed Alert
  • Winds in north-eastern Germany; western mainland and northern coast of Latvia; northern Poland; northern Slovakia; north-eastern Austria; western Estonia – Orange Alert
  • Rain in northern-central Austria – Orange Alert
  • Snow/Ice in central-western Finland – Orange Alert
  • Coastal Events along the southern coast of Finland; western coast of Sweden – Orange Alert

Reported high discharges/floods warnings during the last 24 hours by National services (EFAS)

  • Romania: Hydrological warnings are issued by national Institute of Hydrology and Water Management, Bucharest – Orange code for affected watersheds: Calmatui sees - lower stream, Teleorman, Neajlov, Sabar, Ialomita - lower stream as reported on 2015-11-29.
  • United Kingdom: A small amount of flood warnings have been issued for the regions Anglian, North West and South West of England.
  • Germany: Level 2 (out of 4) high water situations are reported for one location in Hamburg and one location in the Southeast of Niedersachsen. A level 2 flood warning has been issued for the north of Bayern.
III. Factsheets

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