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ECHO Daily Flash of 22 October 2014

I. International

Syria, Turkey, Jordan - Humanitarian situation and Confict (ECHO, UN, NGOs)

  • While heavy fighting in and around Ayn al-Arab/Kobane continues; in Turkey, government officials report 174 000 Syrians fleeing Kobane and surrounding have entered the country over the last few weeks. On the other hand, provincial authorities in Suruc estimate that more than 190 000 Syrians crossed into Turkey since the escalation of the conflict in mid-September.
  • Fighting and airstrikes are also affecting other parts of Aleppo governorate, thus prompting further population displacements and access restrictions. In the recent weeks, newly displaced families have been arriving in the IDP camps in northwest Aleppo and Idleb governorate. Meanwhile, Syrian families continue arriving in Turkey through the Atmeh crossing point. Turkish authorities estimate that more than 1.57 million Syrian refugees are currently in the country.
  • Also, humanitarian access is severely restricted in areas where fighting is taking place; north-eastern Aleppo and the main routes leading to the eastern parts of Aleppo city in particular.
  • In and around Damascus, the Syrian army continues offensives against AOG strongholds. Aid reaching the besieged areas in the eastern periphery of the capital city is extremely limited. Further south, in Quneitra and Dar’a governorate, heavy clashes and air bombardment have triggered the displacement of about 31 000 people in the recent weeks. About half of the IDPs have fled towards areas under government control and the rest of the displaced families have sought refuge in already over-crowded villages and IDP camps in southern Quneitra and western Dar’a. The delivery of basic assistance is taking place in all locations where these new IDPs are now residing.
  • The situation of about 4 500 people in the no man’s land on the eastern section of the border between Syria and Jordan remains a concern. The distribution of basic relief aid for those stranded at the border continues; while Jordanian authorities conduct thorough security checks at border crossings.

Mexico - Tropical Cyclone NINE (GDACS, NOAA, CONAGUA, Media)

  • A new Tropical Depression, NINE, formed off the coast of eastern Mexico over the Bay of Campeche (Gulf of Mexico) on 22 October.
  • On 22 October at 6.00 UTC it was a Tropical Depression (max. sustained winds of 55 km/h) and its center was located over the Bay of Champeche, approx. 225 km WSW of Campeche (Mexico).
  • In the next 24 h it is forecast to move East, slightly strengthening. It may reach the coast of the state of Campeche on 23 October.
  • As of 22 October, 6.00 UTC a Tropical Storm Warning is in effect for the area from Celestun to Frontera. Strong winds may affect this area during its passage. Heavy rains (125-250 mm, locally up to 380 mm) may also affect parts of the Yucatan Peninsula on 23-24 October.

Democratic Republic of the Congo - Conflict in the East

  • The European Parliament Sakharov Prize (for Freedom of Thought) has been awarded to Dr Mukwege, a congolese gynecologist and Director of Panzi hospital, for his fight to protect victims of sexual violence who have sustained serious injuries in Eastern Congo. ECHO has been supporting Panzi Hospital over the last 10 years, as a central pillar of its strategy to provide medical and psychological care for survivors of Sexual Gender Based Violence and activities to help them to better reintegrate into their communities.
  • Despite some hope of improvement following the defeat of the foreign armed group M23 a year ago, the security and humanitarian situation in DRC has not stabilized and remains critical in eastern provinces and Katanga where around 40 armed groups continue to operate. Civilians, and among them, the most vulnerable such as women and children, are the main victims of the conflict and suffer from all sorts of exactions (including abductions, recruitment of child soldiers, killings, torture, rape). 2.6 million people are currently displaced in DRC as a result of the conflict.
II. Europe

Europe - Severe weather (JRC, ECMWF, MetOffice, COGIC, EUMETNET-MeteoAlarm, Media)

  • A low pressure system reached Ireland and the northern UK on 20-21 October, causing strong winds, rains and storm surge in several areas of these countries, as well as in parts of France. JRC calculations indicated a max. storm surge of 1.6-1.7 m in the coastal area near Lowestoft (East England, UK) on 22 October early morning.
  • UK, Ireland: according to media, one person was killed and another one was injured in London by falling trees and three people were also injured in Southwick, West Sussex (UK). The severe weather caused travel disruption and power outages in parts of Ireland and UK, and forced a temporary closure of parts of the center of Liverpool.
  • France: two people were killed (one in Aube, one in Bas-Rhin department), due to the effects of the strong winds.
  • Austria: strong winds are affecting Austria; media reported power outages for approx. 30 000 households. A Red Alert for strong winds is in effect for western, central and northern Austria.
  • Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands: media reported traffic disruption, several flooded roads and a number of damaged roofs also in northern Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands. In the next 24 h strong winds, rains and storm surge may affect the coast of Belgium, Netherlands, Germany and Denmark. JRC calculations indicate a max. storm surge of the order of 2.4-2.5 m in the coastal area around Bremerhaven, Wilhelmshaven, Rodenkirchen (Germany) and of 1.8-2.0 m along parts of the coast of Netherlands, in the morning of 22 October.

MeteoAlarm - as of 22 October, 6.00 UTC (EUMETNET - MeteoAlarm)

  • Strong winds in western, central and northern Austria; Rijeka region (Croatia); western Hungary; Sardinia (Italy) - Red Alert
  • Heavy rains in central Slovenia - Red Alert
  • Strong winds southern and eastern Austria; most of Switzerland (except south-western tip); north-western and south-eastern Germany; parts of north-eastern Spain; central Croatia; central and northern Hungary; most of Italy; whole of Montenegro; Malta; coasts of Netherlands - Orange Alert
  • Heavy rains in central and eastern Austria; south-eastern and parts of eastern Germany; eastern Croatia; central and northern Hungary; north-eastern, central and southern Italy; central and southern Montenegro; western Serbia - Orange Alert
  • Ice/Snow in central and eastern Switzerland; southern Serbia - Orange Alert
  • Coastal event in parts of north-eastern Spain; Malta - Orange Alert 
  • Thunderstorms in north-eastern, central and southern Italy; Montenegro; south-eastern Slovenia - Orange Alert
III. Factsheets

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