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 ECHO Daily Flash of 23 August 2016

I. International

NIGERIA: Food crisis in conflict-affected states (ECHO, FAO)

  • The results of the latest "Cadre Harmonisé" rapid multi-agency assessment mission carried out in the three conflict-affected states of Northeast Nigeria have been presented. They show a considerable deterioration of the food security situation, with more than 4.45 million people estimated to be in “crisis” and “emergency” situations (respectively Phases 3 and 4 of the IPC – Integrated Food Security Phase Classification). At least 65 000 people are estimated to be in phase 5, facing famine.
  • The current situation is clearly worse than the projection made in March 2016, which estimated that 3 million people were facing a food crisis. The majority of the food insecure population is concentrated in Borno state (70%), the remaining in Adamawa and Yobe states. These populations are facing high rates of Severe Acute Malnutrition and mortality but have only very limited access to health facilities and humanitarian assistance, given the violent context. Scaling up food and nutrition assistance, in particular for children under five and pregnant and lactating women, as well as support to livelihoods is assessed as urgent.  

Iraq – Conflict, Forced Displacement, Protection (ECHO, UN, NGOs)

  • Since June 2016, when military operations scaled up in Northern Salah al Din Governorate, over 77 000 civilians have been displaced from the northern district of Shirqat and the southern district of Al Qayyarah, in Ninewa governorate. Iraqis fleeing the hostilities endure a perilous journey, in many cases on foot, through desert areas, with very limited access to the basics for survival. As a result, civilian deaths have been documented by ECHO partners. Displaced persons go through security screenings by government affiliated militias, where allegations of abuses and violations continue to emerge. ECHO partners deliver water and immediate food rations, at various points of the journey. A reinforced shelter, food, water and health response is in place at the main end point, Hajaj’s Silo transit site. With military operations around the major cities of Shirqat and Qayyarah, the number of civilians impacted by the conflict and forced to flee is set to     increase.
  • A rising number of IDPs has begun to flee towards Kirkuk, ahead of an expected offensive by authorities to retake Hawidja district and surrounding areas. An average of 300 individuals have reached the different Kurdish forces checkpoints into Kurdish-controlled Kirkuk governorate, in last weeks. The majority remains stranded in uninhabited areas, close to active front-lines. Their access, in addition to front-line security checks, is hampered by limited transport to evacuate civilians, as well as by overwhelmed absorption capacity in existing IDP camp sites in Kirkuk governorate. Ongoing efforts to prepare additional shelter capacity in Kirkuk, with a further 100 tents in Nazrawa Camp and a new camp under construction in Daquq for 1 000 families, are vital.
  • Close to 50  000 individuals have fled Mosul and surrounding areas, since March 2016. During the second half of August, over 1 300 IDPs have arrived in Debaga IDP camp, in the northern Makhmour district. The current camp population is nearly 34 000 with almost 15 000 civilians in dire conditions in the camp’s reception centre, mosque and school. Urgent increase of camp capacity is been stalled for months, reportedly, due to the incapacity of regional authorities to reach an agreement with private land owners in the area.

India - Bihar Floods (ECHO, Bihar State Disaster Management Department, Local Media)

  • The flood situation in the State of Bihar remains serious with  rivers, especially the Ganga, flowing above the danger levels across the State; 5.5 million people are at risk.
  • According to the Bihar Disaster Management Department (DMD), as of 22 August 119 persons have died, 150 000 people have taken shelter in 162 relief camps while 139 330 persons have been evacuated to safer places.
  • National and State Disaster Response Force teams have been deployed to the affected districts and 1,537 boats are being used to evacuate the affected people.
  • ECHO Partners have completed a Joint Rapid Needs Assessment and identified immediate needs in WASH, Health, Shelter and Livelihoods. Some partners have initiated an emergency response.

Japan - Tropical Cyclone MINDULLE UPDATE (GDACS, JMA, JTWC, Local Media)

  • TC MINDULLE after making landfall on 22 August early morning (UTC) in Chiba prefecture (Honshu, Japan) as a Tropical Storm continued moving northeast passing over the eastern prefectures of Fujushima, Miyagi and Iwate, weakening. On 22 August late evening (UTC), it reached Hokkaido as a Tropical Depression, then it continued moving north weakening and dissipating.
  • Over the next 24 h, heavy rain may still affect Hokkaido. On 23 early morning (UTC), a Red Warning for heavy rain, floods, storms and high waves is in effect for most of the prefectures in Hokkaido and for central and eastern Honshu prefectures.
  • As of 23 August early morning (UTC), it is reported that two people have been killed, 29 have been injured, over 2 700 have been evacuated in Hokkaido, several flights have been cancelled and traffic has been disrupted in several areas along its path.

Japan - Tropical Cyclone LIONROCK - UPDATE (GDACS, JMA, JTWC, Local Media)

  • TC LIONROCK is moving over the north west Pacific Ocean, strengthening. On 23 August at 0.00 UTC, its center was located 540 km east of Tokunoshima island (Amami archipelago, Ryukyu Islands) and it had max. sustained wind speed of 83 m/h (Tropical Storm). 
  • Over the next 24 h it is forecast to keep moving southwest, over the north west Pacific Ocean, strengthening. 

Philippines - Severe weather - UPDATE (NDRRMC, PAGASA, Local Media)

  • Heavy rain and strong winds, due to the passage of a Low Pressure Area and Southwest Monsoon, have been affecting southern Luzon and Visayas, causing floods and landslides. 
  • Official reports, as of 22 August, mentioned 19 people dead, 12 injured, seven missing, over 8 200 people evacuated, over 400 houses fully or partially damaged in the Regions I,III,VI, CALABARZON, CAR, MIMAROPA and NCR.
  • Over the next 24 h more heavy rain may affect Luzon and Visayas.
II. Europe

Meteoalarm - as of 23 August 6.13 UTC (EUMETNET)

  • Thunderstorms in central and northern Greece - Orange Alert. 

Forest fires danger forecast (EFFIS)

  • Extreme or very high danger is reported for parts of southern and central Portugal, south and parts of western Spain, the Mediterranean coast of France, parts of Sardinia, Sicily and eastern mainland Italy, south-east and central Turkey.
III. Factsheets

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