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  30 April 2017
I. International

Central African Republic - Conflict (OCHA, DG ECHO)

  • Following their visit to Central African Republic (CAR), regional representatives of United Nations agencies and non-governmental organisations have urgently appealed not to neglect this crisis. Conflict and frequent outbreaks of violence have forcibly displaced 884 276 people, about one fifth of the population. Food and nutrition insecurity are of concern. According to the UN Humanitarian Coordinator, peace is at stake.
  • The USD 400 million Humanitarian Response Plan for CAR is only funded to 10 per cent at present, while the humanitarian situation remains very serious. Some 2.2 million people – almost half of the population – are still in need of humanitarian assistance.

Kyrgyzstan – Landslides (UN, Media, DG ECHO)

  • On 29 April, heavy rains triggered a landslide in Ayu village, Osh oblast, burying 11 houses and killing the 24 people that were inside at the moment of the disaster. Rescuers from the Ministry of Emergency Situations, medics and soldiers were deployed to the village to search for survivors under the debris and provide emergency assistance. As the threat of more landslides continues to be very high, 34 families from the village have been temporarily relocated.
  • Landslides, mudflows and avalanches are freguent in Osh and  the entire mountainous region of Central Asia. However, the threat this year is  higher due to the significant accumulation of snow during the winter, compounded by a rapid rise in temperature and intense rainfall this spring.

II. Europe

Meteoalarm - as of 30 April, 7:50 UTC (EUMETNET Meteolaram)

  • Thunderstorms in south-western France - Orange Alert
  • Coastal events in northern Spain - Orange Alert
  • Risk of avalanche in southern Norway - Orange Alert

Reported high discharges/floods warnings during the last 24 hours by National services (EFAS)

  • Slovakia: National authority reports passing the second alert level on the Jaseniansky potok, Morava and Cierny Vah rivers (water levels decreasing)
III. Factsheets


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