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  16 December 2017
I. International

Indonesia – Earthquake (GDACS, BNPB, AHA CENTRE)

  • An earthquake with the magnitude of 6.5M (depth: 91.86 Km) shook the island of Java, Indonesia. The event took place on 15 December 2017 at 16:47 UTC. The quake triggered a tsunami warning, but was lifted about two hours later.
  • The Indonesian National Disaster Management Authority (BNPB) reports as of 16 December (06:00 UTC), 2 dead, 6 injured, 43 houses heavily damaged, 65 houses moderately damaged and 10 houses slightly damaged. Indonesian authorities are still assessing the full extent of impact and damages.
II. Europe

Floods during the last 24 hours reported by national services (European Flood Awareness System - EFAS)

  • Poland: flood alert level 3/3 is reported at 5 stations across the north of Poland.
  • Germany: flood alert level 3/4 for the Aller and alert level 4/4 for the Leine - both tributaries of Weser river - in Niedersachsen. Exceedens of the alert level 3/4 are also reported or the Main (Rhine) river in Bayern.
  • Slovakia: alert level 2/3 on the Bodrog and Latorica rivers.
  • Ukraine: alert level 3/3 on the Latorica river and alert level 2/3 on 5 stations across Tisa basin.
  • Hungary: alert level 2/4 on the Bodrog river.
  • Italy: alert level 2/3 for Emilia Romagna, Campania and Molise regions. Exceedance of the highest alert level on tributaries of the Taro river. 
  • Slovenia: exceedance of alert levels on Krka, Ljubjanica, Bistra, Unica, Malenšcica, Stržen, Rakitnica, Dravinja and Kopla rivers.
  • Croatia: exceedance of alert level 4/4 for Lika river, alert level 3/4 on Cesma, Lonjsko Polje and Sunja rivers and of 2/4 flood alert level on 14 stations across Croatia.
  • Romania: alert level 2/3 for Mara, Firiza and Cavnic basins.
III. Factsheets


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