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  21 October 2016
I. International

Haiti, Cuba - Hurricane MATTHEW (ECHO, Ministry of Education of Haiti, CNM)

  • According to the Minister of Education of Haiti, over 400 schools were damaged by hurricane Matthew. Rehabilitation and reconstruction are already on-going. A third team of the Ministry’s engineers are deployed on the field to assess all schools located in the affected departments.
  • The National Meteorological Centre (CNM) of Haiti is issuing an alert for rains affecting the Grand’Anse and South departments. These rains are expected to last until 21 October, and could provoke landslides and floods in areas already hit by Hurricane Matthew.
  • In Cuba, the UN system has presented the Plan of Action for Hurricane Matthew for a total of USD 26.5 million required to cover the basic needs of 661 606 people, and to provide a critical response over the coming 6 to 18 months. The UN Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF) has approved a contribution of USD 5.1 million.
  • Maisi and Baracoa are the most affected municipalities of Cuba, where at least 90% of houses have been damaged, requiring urgent temporary solutions for housing while reconstruction is under way. Providing safe water is also a challenge in isolated areas of Maisi.

Myanmar - New displacement in Rakhine State (ECHO, Partner Agencies)

  • Recent fighting and the security operation implemented in northern Rakhine State of Myanmar resulted in the displacement of an estimated 13 000 people.
  • A group of an estimated 10 000 Rohingya Internally Displaced People (IDPs) are confined in a few villages of Maungdaw township, with urgent need of protection, food, shelter, and sanitation.
  • A second group of affected people consists of some 3 000 ethnic Rakhine IDPs who have fled their villages in northern Rakhine. Some 1 000 of them are located in Maungdaw town in monasteries and schools, another 1 000 in Buthidaung in temples and schools, and the remaining 1 000 are in Sittwe, located in a football field where a tented camp has been swiftly put up. This second group of IDPs is receiving assistance from the government and/or local actors. UNHCR is in charge of the coordination of the current humanitarian efforts.

China, Philippines - Tropical Cyclone HAIMA (GDACS, JTWC, CMA, HKO, CWB, NDRRMC, OCHA, Government, Local Media)

  • Tropical Cyclone HAIMA continued moving north north-west over the South China Sea, slightly weakening but remaining a Typhoon. On 21 October at 0:00 UTC its centre was located 160 km south-east of Hong Kong, and it had maximum sustained winds of 148 km/h (Typhoon). 
  • It is forecast to make landfall between the cities of Shanwei and Shenzhen (Guangdong province, China) on 21 October morning, maintaining its current strength. After the landfall, it could move over the provinces of Guandgdong, Jiangxi and Fujian, further weakening and dissipating.
  • Strong winds and heavy rainfall could affect the provinces of Guandgdong, Fujian, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shangai and Jiangxi, as well as south-eastern Taiwan. As of 21 October, the China Meteorological Department has issued a Red Warning for Typhoon in the south-eastern provinces of the country, while the Hong Kong Observatory has issued a Tropical Cyclone Warning Signal 8. The Central Weather Bureau of Taiwan has also issued a Torrential Rain Advisory and an Extremely Heavy Rain Advisory in the southern and eastern counties of Taiwan.
  • In the Philippines, during TC HAIMA's passage, strong winds, heavy rain and storm surge affected the northern and central areas of Luzon. Approximately 331 mm of rain over 24 hours were recorded in Baguio city (La Union province, Ilocos Region) and 68 mm in Casiguran city (Aurora province, Cagayan Valley Region).
  • As of 21 October early morning, national authorities reported seven dead (one in Ilocos, two in Cagayan Valley and four in Cordillera Administrative Region, CAR). They also reported 113 houses partially or fully damaged. Search and rescue operations are ongoing in the northern provinces of Luzon.

Japan - Earthquake (GDCAS, USGS, JMA, PTWC, Local Media)

  • An earthquake of magnitude 6.2 M at a depth of 10 km occurred in south-western Honshu island on 21 October, at 5:07 UTC. Its epicentre was located inland, approximately 8 km south of Kurayoshi city (Tottori prefecture, Honshu). USGS PAGER estimated a shaking up to "Very Strong" for 75 000 people and up to "Strong" for 74 000 people. 
  • As of 21 October early morning, local media reported several trains cancelled and 39 000 homes having suffered power outages. There were no reports of damage or injuries, and no tsunami warning for this earthquake.

Nicaragua - Severe Weather (Redhum, SINAPRED, INETER, Local Media)

  • Heavy rain has been affecting the country over the past few days, causing floods and landslides.
  • According to official reports, as of 21 October early morning, one person has been killed in San Dionisio municipality (Matagalpa department) and at least 700 houses have been damaged in the municipality of Tipitapa (Managua department).
  • Over the next 24 hours, moderate to locally heavy rain may continue to affect most of the country, including the areas already affected.

Honduras - Severe Weather (COPECO, NOAA, Local Media)

  • Heavy rain has been affecting the country over the past few days, causing floods and landslides.
  • According to official reports, as of 21 October,  over 100 houses have been damaged and traffic has been disrupted in the departments of Francisco Morazan, Valle, Choluteca and Paraiso.
  • Over the next 24 hours, moderate to locally heavy rain may affect most of the country, especially the northern areas.
II. Europe

Meteoalarm - as of 21 October, 6.45 UTC (EUMETNET Meteoalarm)

  • Thunderstorms in the western and northern mainland and the Ionian islands of Greece - Orange Alert.
III. Factsheets


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