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  26 July 2016
I. International

Yemen - Conflict (ECHO, OCHA, Media)

  • Fighting along the Saudi-Yemeni border has escalated following last week’s offensive by Hadi forces on Haradh town. On Sunday 23 July, a Saudi civilian was killed during a mortar attack on the city of Jizan and several Saudi soldiers were killed in clashes and mortar fire on Monday 24. On 24-25 July cross-border fighting and Saudi airstrikes were reported in Sa’ada governorate. Fighting also continues in Nihm district, Sana’a, with heavy airstrikes reported on 25 July.
  • In Taiz city civilians remain trapped in the enclave and in some villages as fighting goes on. The UN is trying to negotiate access with parties on the ground to deliver humanitarian aid. On 24 July, Islamist militants reportedly stormed a hospital in Taiz city ordering medical staff to be gender segregated and maltreating those who refused to comply.
  • According to UN OCHA, humanitarian agencies were able to assist 4 million people during the first half of 2016. The needs remain high, especially among the 2.8 million displaced people. The Yemen Humanitarian Response Plan is currently 26% funded.

India - Severe weather (ECHO, IMD, ASDMA, Local Media)

  • The flooding situation in Assam has further deteriorated with the number of affected people increasing to 1.2 million. According to the Assam State Disaster Management Authority, 220 relief camps with 88 133 persons and 130 relief distribution centres are currently operating to address the situation.
  • Media reports claim that 7 people have lost their lives due to floods. Loss of crop, shelter and infrastructure like roads, embankments and bridges is also being reported.
  • ECHO Partners are undertaking assessments in the affected areas and have identified food and non-food items like tarpaulins and floor mats as some of the immediate needs of the affected people.
  • The situation in Arunachal Pradesh is also being reported as grim although no information is currently available, other than that 100 families have been rendered homeless.

Bangladesh - Severe weather (FFWC, NDRCC, Government, Media)

  • 10 districts in Northwest and Northeast Bangladesh are severely affected by flooding. According to the National Disaster Response Coordination Center, more than 600 000 people are affected and more than 100 000 houses have been partially or fully damaged.
  • The government is responding, distributing food, water purification tablets, oral rehydration salts and cash.
  • According to the Flood Forecasting & Warning Centre, 57 rivers are in a rising trend and 17 are flowing above the danger level.  The flood situation is likely to continue to deteriorate in the next 48 hours.
II. Europe

Meteoalarm - as of 26 July, 6.40 UTC (EUMETNET Meteoalarm)

  • Thunderstorms in south-eastern Germany - Red Alert.
  • Thunderstorms in southern, central and north-eastern Germany; southern Poland - Orange Alert.
  • Extreme high temperatures in southern and south-eastern Poland; western and southwestern Spain; southern Montenegro; north-western Portugal - Orange Alert.

Forest fires danger forecast (EFFIS)

  • Extreme or very high danger in southern and central Portugal, southern and central Spain, Sicily and some parts of south-eastern coastal Italy, southern parts of Bulgaria and some parts of the Bulgaria/Romania border, eastern mainland Greece and most of the islands, south-east, central and western Turkey.
III. Factsheets


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