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ECHO Daily Map of 18 August 2017



ECHO Daily Map of 17 August 2017

Bangladesh - Floods
  • The major rivers in the northern and central region of Bangladesh continue to flow above the danger mark in many places, new areas in the central region are inundated.
  • The death toll has increased to 107, with 3.9 million people affected.
  • Initial assessments indicate drinking water, food, and health support are immediate needs. The Humanitarian Country Task Team has called an emergency meeting on 19 August to discuss the situation.
  • According to the Bangladesh Meteorological Department (BMD), very heavy rainfall is predicted over the south-west and north-eastern regions over the next 48 h.

ECHO Daily Map of 16 August 2017

Sierra Leone - Floods and Landslides
  • A massive mudslide, triggered by heavy rainfall over the past few days, has affected the southern (Regent) and southwestern (Lumley and Juba/Kaningo) suburbs of the capital Freetown.
  • According to media, as of 16 August at 07:30 UTC, the death toll has reached more than 300. Approximately 600 people are reported missing and more than 3 000 people have been displaced. In addition, extensive damage to houses and roads is reported, and communication lines and electricity supply are disrupted.
  • Needs assessments are ongoing but hampered by difficulties of access. The President of Sierra Leone has requested international assistance.

ECHO Daily Map of 14 August 2017

Portugal - Forest Fire UPDATE
  • Portugal continues to endure a very serious situation in terms of forest fires facing over 200 forest fires a day with major fires in Aveiro, Leiria, Santarém, Castel Branco and Coimbra districts. According to media, as of 14 August at 07:30 (UTC), 40 people were injured and dozens were temporary displaced.
  • In response to the Union Civil Protection Mechanism request by Portugal made on 12 August, Spain offered two Airtractor aircraft from the EU buffer capacity (FIREGUS), two ground forest fighting modules and one Canadair aircraft. The request has been partially fulfilled but there is still a need for two aerial forest fighting modules.
  • The first Ground Forest Firefighting module (composed of 113 people and 25 vehicles) and the Canadair aircraft started operating at 10.00 (UTC) on 13 August. The aerial module FIREGRUS arrived in Portugal the same day by 12:41 (UTC) at Proença-a-Nova airbase and completed 15 drops by the end of the day. All mentioned assets operated in the area of Ferreira do Zêzere.
  • The second Ground Forest Firefighting module (comprised of 15 people and two vehicles) arrived in Portugal at around 19.30 (UTC) on 13 August and will be deployed to Vila De Rei, close to Ferreira do Zêzere.
  • Over the next 24 h, according to EFFIS, the fire danger risk remain from "High" to "Extreme" in large part of the country, including in the already affected districts. According to the Portuguese Meteorological authority (IPMA) moderate to strong winds from the east and very low humidity levels are expected.


ECHO Daily Map of 11 August 2017



ECHO Daily Map of 10 August 2017



ECHO Daily Map of 9 August 2017

China - Earthquake
  • An earthquake of 6.5 Mw and 10 km depth hit central China on 8 August at 13.19 UTC. Its epicenter was located 36 km west-southwest of Yongle city (Sichuan province).
  • A second earthquake of 6.3 Mw and 26 km depth happened in north-western China close to the border with Kazakhstan on 8 August at 23.47 UTC. Its epicenter was 107 km south-southeast of Dostyq city (Almaty Region, Kazakstan).
  • National authorities reported, as of 9 August at 8.30 UTC, that the 6.5 Mw earthquake has resulted in the death of 13 people and injury of 175 people. The 6.5 Mw earthquake happened 250 km north-west from the epicenter of the deadly earthquake that hit Yingxiu city (Wnchuan county, Sichuan) on 12 May 2008 and caused the death of more than 87 500 people.

ECHO Daily Map of 8 August 2017



ECHO Daily Map of 8 August 2017

Italy - Forest fires (Italian Civil Protection, Meteoam, Local media)
  • After several days of high temperatures, the forest fires situation in Italy has worsened.
  • On 6 August, the Italian Civil Protection Department received 44 requests for the national fleet. On 6 August afternoon (UTC), 18 fires were active. The most affected areas are located in the centre and south of the country, especially Sicily, Calabria and Lazio regions.
  • On 6 August, Italy activated the Union Civil Protection Mechanism (UCPM) requesting an Aerial Forest Fires Fighting module (two planes). On 7 August, two Canadairs and one reconnaissance aircraft from France, registered in the European Emergency Response Capacity (the "voluntary pool"), will operate in Italy.
  • Local media reported, as of 7 August at 7.00 UTC, that several houses were evacuated in Valguarnera Caropepe (Sicily) and Frosinone province (Lazio), 25 people were evacuated in Forge city (Gambarie, Reggio Calabria), and a camping was also evacuated in Monte Terminillo (Rieti province, Lazio).
  • According to the European Forest Fire Information System (EFFIS), the fire danger forecast remains from "high" to "extreme" in the areas affected.
  • Over the next 24 hours, high temperatures are forecast for central and southern mainland Italy as well as for Sicily island.

ECHO Daily Map of 4 August 2017


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