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Id Map Country ECHO Daily Flash Gdacs Id  
999 ECDM_20141222_Asia_SevereWeather_Volcano.jpg
ECHO Daily Map of 22 December 2014
996 ECDM_20141218_Syria_IDPs.jpg
ECHO Daily Map of 18 December 2014
Syrian Arab Republic
995 ECDM_20141217_Asia_SevereWeather.jpg
ECHO Daily Map of 17 December 2014
Asia Thailand - Severe Weather - UPDATE
  • Heavy rain caused flooding in the southern provinces of Nakhon Si Thammarat, Phatthalung and Narathiwat in the past week, with 114mm measured in 24h in Yala, on 16 December.
  • As of 16 December, two people were reported missing in Nakhon Si Thammarat, more than 670 households are affected in a number of districts in Patthalung, and more than 5 000 people in Khok Changai, Khao Chiek, Prang Mu and Na Not districts. 300 houses were flooded in Narathiwat. Another 22 140 people people were affected by the rain in several districts in Nakhon Si Thammarat, according to media.
  • Isolated heavy to very heavy rain is expected for parts of southern provinces in the next 48h, according to the Meterological Department.
994 ECDM_20141216_Bangladesh_Oil_Spill.jpg
ECHO Daily Map of 16 December 2014
Bangladesh Bangladesh - Oil spill in the Sundarbans
  • An oil tanker sunk in the Sheela River near the Sundarbans, following collision with a cargo vessel on 9 December; the impact is being assessed. The tanker was carrying 380 000 litres of furnace oil, half of which has spilled over a stretch of 60 km of the river and 20 connecting canals. A total of 25 000 litres of oil have meanwhile been collected by nearby communities.
  • For the time being, only the edge vegetation (smaller plants, ferns and grasses) are coated with spill oil. Due to low tide, the oil spill has not reached the forest floor of the Sundarbans. Experts expect that the oil coating of the edge vegetation along the Sheela River will be washed out naturally within four to five weeks, though it may persist due to the winter season.
  • Aid agencies are closely monitoring the situation in order to further assess the impact on the livelihood of the affected population.
993 ECDM_20141212_Asia_SevereWeather.jpg
ECHO Daily Map of 15 December 2014
Asia Thailand - Severe Weather
  • Heavy rainfall has affected southern Thailand in the past couple of days, with 83mm measured in 24 hours in Nakhon Si Thammarat on 14 December.
  • As of 14 December, floods in the provinces of Nakhon Si Thammarat and Phatthalung have left one person missing, while evacuations and extensive damage in roads and homes are reported in 50 villages of the affected provinces, according to the Thai Government.
990 ECDM_20141212_World_Events.jpg
ECHO Daily Map of 12 December 2014
986 ECDM_20141211_Ukraine_PopDisplacement.jpg
ECHO Daily Map of 11 December 2014
985 ECDM_20141210_CapeVerde_Volcano.jpg
ECHO Daily Map of 10 December 2014
Cabo Verde
983 ECDM_20141209_Philippines_HAGUPIT.jpg
ECHO Daily Map of 9 December 2014
Philippines The Philippines - Tropical Cyclone HAGUPIT
  • On 9 December, 0.00 UTC, HAGUPIT (RUBY) has weakened into a Tropical Storm with maximum sustained wind speed of 74km/h and its centre was located over water, approximately 33km south-west of Lubang island in Mimaropa. In the following 24h, it is forecast to move west into the South China Sea, weakening further. As of 9 December early morning, a Public Storm Warning Signal #1 was still in effect for several areas of central and southern Luzon.
  • HAGUPIT has been affecting the Philippines with heavy rainfall, strong winds and storm surge. In Masbate, 130mm of rain were measured in 24h over 7-8 December, while in the city of Calapan, 197mm were recorded on 8 December. Floods have been reported by the NDRRMC in the provinces of Quezon and Laguna in the Region of Calabarzon, as well as in Marinduque, Region of Mimaropa, and a State of Calamity has been declared in Albay, Camarines Sur and Catanduanes in Bicol Region and in San Pablo City of Laguna province.
  • According to the latest reports received from the ECHO rapid assessment teams, Batangas and Masbate suffered only light damage due to an enhanced level of preparedness of the local authorities. In some areas, the population is already returning to their homes.
  • Eastern and Western parts of Samar Island have been identified as the worst hit areas so far. Road to Dolores is still blocked and communications remain difficult. Compiling of the overall picture of damage and needs is ongoing. No request for international assistance for the time being.
  • ERCC is considering the activation of Copernicus EMS for satellite imagery related to damage assessment. This will be done in coordination with other similar efforts of international partners.
979 ECDM_20141205_Philippines_HAGUPIT.jpg
ECHO Daily Map of 5 December 2014
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