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Each day, ERCC publishes a map of the most important event or events. The maps are archived and available to the public.

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ECHO Daily Map of 30 November 2015



ECHO Daily Map of 27 November 2015



ECHO Daily Map of 26 November 2015

Yemen - Conflict
  • On 24 November, Stephen O'Brien, UN Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs released a statement on Houthis and popular committees of blocking deliveries of aid to the country's third city of Taiz where 200 000 civilians are living under siege since several months. The UN USG is concerned about reports that some of the aid has been diverted away from the people it was intended for.
  • Fighting and airstrikes regained intensity in the front lines in Taiz, Lahj, Marib governorates and despite ongoing diplomatic activity in Oman, Abu Dhabi, Riyadh, official dates for the resumption of talks between parties involved in the conflict have not been announced yet.
  • In November, availability of essential food commodities and fuel continued to deteriorate in several governorates of Yemen, mainly in those where conflicts and airstrikes intensified (Taiz, Sa'ada, Al Bayda, Al Jawf and Marib) as well as among those affected by the Cyclone Chapala (Soqatra, Hadramout and Shabwah). Prices of basic food items also rose markedly.

ECHO Daily Map of 25 November 2015



ECHO Daily Map of 24 November 2015

India - Severe Weather
  • Heavy rainfall continued in south-eastern India over the past couple of days, with 139 mm measured in 24 h near Chennai and 133 mm in Cuddalore, both in Tamil Nadu State.
  • Floods continue to affect the districts of Cuddalore, Chennai, Kanchipuram and Thiruvallur in Tamil Nadu. Official reports indicate that the death toll in the State has exceeded 120 (169 according to local media), while 400 000 have been displaced.
  • The Government is responding in the most affected urban areas.  However, according to ECHO reports, low caste communities (approximately 2 500 households) are not receiving any aid and would require humanitarian assistance.  ECHO is currently carrying out an assessment in the area.
  • According to the Indian Meteorological Department, no significant rainfall is forecast for south-eastern India in the next 24 hours.

ECHO Daily Map of 23 November 2015



ECHO Daily Map of 20 November 2015

Indonesia - Forest fires (BNPB, UN OCHA, Media)
  • The forest fires exacerbated by a prolonged dry season caused by El Nino continue to affect several areas of Indonesia, particularly the islands of Sumatra and Kalimantan. The government (BNPB) reports that more than 2 million ha of peatland have been burnt this year.
  • Millions of people are directly exposed to haze which is causing health concerns in Indonesia and neighbouring countries (Southern Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and the Philippines).
  • The Indonesian government confirms that the death toll from the effects of haze has risen to 19 and an estimated half a million people have suffered from acute respiratory infections due to haze since the fires started in July this year.
  • DG ECHO's Emergency Response Centre (ERCC) received a letter from the National Disaster Management Separtment (BNPB) of Indonesia regarding international assistance from the EU in order to improve prevention and preparedness to address the haze, peat land and forest fires.
  • The Union Civil Protection Mechanism has been activated with a view to deploy a team of experts to support the national authorities.

ECHO Daily Map of 19 November 2015



ECHO Daily Map of 18 November 2015

Sri Lanka - Floods
  • The latest update of the flood situation indicate that over 135 500 people in 15 districts have been affected by floods, high winds and landslides/landslide risks.
  • The Northern Province is hardest hit with over 107 000 people being affected and 17 938 people displaced.
  • The Ministry of Disaster Management has requested assistance for relief items to the United Nations.

ECHO Daily Map of 17 November 2015


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