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950 ECDM_20141121_World_Events.jpg
ECHO Daily Map of 21 November 2014
World Honduras, Guatemala - Severe weather
  • Heavy rains affected parts of Guatemala and northern Honduras in the last few days. Approx. 110 mm of rain in 24 h were observed in Puerto Barrios (Guatemala) and 93 mm in Tela (Honduras) on 20 November.
  • In Honduras, media reported one dead in Jutiapa (Atlántida) and several families homeless due to floods in the departments of Atlántida, Colón and Cortés (as of 20 November). 
  • In Guatemala, 285 people were affected and 56 homes were damaged in the departments of Petén and Sacatepéquez (as of 18 November).
  • In the next 24 h more rain may still affect northern Guatemala and north-western Honduras.
949 ECDM_20141120_USA_Severe_weather.jpg
ECHO Daily Map of 20 November 2014
United States of America U.S.A. - Severe Weather UPDATE
  • The death toll due to the severe weather in the north-eastern United States has risen to eight, according to local media, as of 20 November. Six people died in Erie and one in Genesee County, both in New York State, while another death was reported in New Hampshire State.
  • Further snowfall and low temperatures are forecast over the next 48h in north-eastern U.S., with Warnings and Watches in effect along the coasts of lakes Erie and Ontario.
945 ECDM_20141119_WestAfrica_EVDOutbreak.jpg
ECHO Daily Map of 19 November 2014
938 ECDM_20141118_Syria_IDPs.jpg
ECHO Daily Map of 17 November 2018
Syrian Arab Republic Syria – Protection of civilians
  • The latest report of the Independent International Commission of Inquiry on Syria describes the impact of ISIL/ISIS rule on the lives of local communities in areas under the group’s control. Based on more than 300 interviews with men, women and children who fled or are still living in ISIS-controlled areas, the report provides an account of the populations’ control under terror in the governorates of Ar-Raqqah, Aleppo, Al-Hassakeh, and Deir ez-Zor. 
  • In Ar-Raqqah and other areas, ISIS maintains a primitive administrative system and basic services of courts, recruitment, tribal relations, and education controlled by the Al-Hisbah morality police force; which conducts constant surveillance within local communities. Sexual violence and enslavement of women and girls by ISIS and men who have bought them at public auction continues. In many areas, the school curriculum has been changed to focus on weapons and military training for boys under 18. In Al-Hassakeh, ISIS has obstructed the importation of medicine by doctors and medical personnel. During military operations, the group has extensively employed brutal tactics, mass civilian casualty attacks, and the execution of both civilians and fighters.
  • The Commission concludes that ISIS members have perpetrated egregious violations of binding international humanitarian law and the war crime of murder on a massive scale under responsible command and a hierarchical structure that includes coordinated implementation of decisions. Murder, enslavement, rape, sexual slavery and violence, forcible displacement, enforced disappearance and torture have been committed as part of systematic attacks against Syrians in the areas under the group’s control. The reports calls to the Government of Syria to comply with its obligation to protect its citizens from crimes against humanity and other grave violations, to all parties to the conflict to take immediate steps to de-escalate the violence and to increase the protection of civilians; and to the Government and the international community to reach a sustainable solution to the on-going armed conflict.

937 ECDM_20141117_EU_SevereWeather.jpg
ECHO Daily Map of 17 November 2014
Europe Europe - Severe weather - UPDATE
  • Heavy rains and thunderstorms continued affecting parts of Italy, Switzerland and France in the last few days, causing floods and landslides.
  • In Italy: floods, landslides, river and lake overflow continue affecting parts of Piemonte, Lombardy, Liguria and Tuscany. Approx. 102 mm of rain in 24 h were observed in Milan/Linate over 15-16 November and approx. 160 mm in Genoa/Sestri. Media (as of early 17 November) report two people killed in Cerro di Laveno Mombello (Varese, Lombardy) in the night of 15-16 November, due to a landslide. In the same region floods, due to rivers overflow, were reported in Milan. Floods and landslides were also reported in Liguria; one person is still missing in Serra Riccò (Genoa, Liguria), as of early 17 November. Heavy rains and thunderstorms may still affect parts of north and central Italy on 17 November.
  • In Switzerland, heavy rains affected parts of Ticino. Approx. 82 mm of rain in 24 h were observed in Locarno over 15-16 November. Two people were killed near Lugano during the night of 15 November, due to a landslides. Heavy rains may still affect parts of Ticino in the next 24 h.
  • In France, the severe weather caused the deaths of six people in the south-eastern parts of the country (four in Gard, one in Hautes-Alpes, one in Lozère department) on 15-16 November.
934 ECDM_20141114_WestAfrica_Ebola.jpg
ECHO Daily Map of 14 November 2014
928 ECDM_20141113_Ukraine_PopDisplacement.jpg
ECHO Daily Map of 13 November 2014
Ukraine Ukraine - Conflict
  • The situation in the east of Ukraine continues to be very tense. Since early September, 2014 ceasefire violations have been reported, particularly in the Donetsk airport area and near Mariupol. Daily reports include civilians being killed or population being displaced. At least 3737 have been killed and 9336 wounded in eastern Ukraine.
  • The number of displaced people is increasing daily; as of 31 October 2014, some 440 000 people are registered as internally displaced and more than 488 000 have fled to neighbouring countries. It is now estimated that 5.2 million people reside in areas directly affected by the conflict.
  • The Ukrainian Parliament adopted a law on 20 October 2014, which provides legal guarantees for temporarily displaced persons and allows proper registration of IDPs. However, a number of tax-related issues still need to be resolved in order to ensure the effective and efficient delivery of humanitarian assistance.
  • ECHO has increased its assistance to 11 million EUR since the beginning of the crisis. This support will help the most vulnerable population affected by the ongoing conflict in Eastern Ukraine to meet their basic needs and prepare for the approaching winter. In addition, 17 million EUR from the cooperation funds have also been allocated for early recovery aid of IDPs. A further 4.5 million EUR from the Instrument contributing to Stability and Peace (IcSP) will be granted for community stabilization, facilitation of return and reconciliation and support to the implementation of the IDP registration system.
  • In response to the UCPM activation at the request of the UA government, Latvia offered 9 generators delivered to Ukraine on 10 November to be distributed in Donetsk and Lugansk regions which have the most acute needs. A team of EU experts has also been deployed to provide support to the Ukrainian government with the management of IDPs.
923 ECDM_20141112_Syria_IDPs.jpg
ECHO Daily Map of 12 November 2014
Syrian Arab Republic Syria – Humanitarian situation
  • Fighting and military offensives between Government forces and armed groups (AGs) continue affecting several parts of Syria resulting in persistent access restrictions and new waves of population displacement. In the past days, armed groups (AGs) took over the town of Nawa, the second largest city in the southern governorate of Dar’a. UN agencies estimate that 5 000 people have been displaced as a result of the fighting.
  • In the Al-Wa’er district of Homs city, continuous fighting is leading to a further deterioration of the humanitarian situation while little aid has reached the area which remains practically inaccessible. The Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC) estimates that about 60 000 people are in need of humanitarian assistance in Al-Wa’er. Shelling and fighting also affect civilian areas. In the past week, SARC reported the death of two volunteers when a mortar hit a civilian area in Homs; bringing up to 40 SARC aid workers who have lost their lives while carrying out their duties since the beginning of the conflict in Syria.
  • In the Damascus area, UNRWA reports that the delivery of humanitarian assistance to the Palestinian refugee camp in Yarmouk has declined considerably since July. Aid distribution has been regularly interrupted due to fighting and insecurity in the area. However, the low quantities of aid authorized into the camp remain insufficient to meet the needs of the civilian population in Yarmouk.
921 ECDM_20141111_World_Events.jpg
ECHO Daily Map of 11 November 2014
World Europe - Severe Weather
  • Heavy rainfall and strong winds continue affecting northern and central-northern Italy. In Liguria, 75mm or rain were recorded in Val Petronio within a 3h period in the early hours of 11 November, while floods, river overflows and landslides continue occurring throughout the region. In Leivi, local media report two people missing due to a landslide, while the area is experiencing power outages. In Marina Carrara, residents were asked to evacuate all ground floors. In the region of Toscany, 14 people were injured when lightning struck a building near Florence. The Italian Civil Protection has maintained the red risk level for landslides in Liguria and part of Toscany. Heavy rainfall with thunderstorms in parts is still forecast for 11 November in northern Italy.
  • Heavy rainfall is also affecting southern Switzerland, with 101mm recorded in 24h in Stabio, Ticino, over 10-11 November. MeteoSwiss has assigned Flood Risk 4 (out of a maximum 5) for the lakes Maggiore (the Swiss part of it) and Lugano. In light of this, in Locarno, the preventive evacuation of a hospital is planned for 11 November.
  • In Slovenia, the water levels in the area of Ljubljana are decreasing, but still increasing in Loška Dolina and Lake Cerknica, according to ARSO, as of 10 November. The Copernicus EMS, activated on 6 November by the Slovenian Government, continues mapping the affected areas in Ljubljana and Ptuj.
918 ECDM_20141110_CentralEurope_SevereWeather_02.jpg
ECHO Daily Map of 10 November 2014
Europe Meteoalarm - as of 10 November, 7.20 UTC
  • Rain in south-central and parts of south-eastern Switzerland; northern Italy - Orange Alert
  • Snow/Ice in south-western and part of south-eastern Switzerland - Orange Alert
  • Thunderstorms in northern and central-northern Italy - Orange Alert
  • Wind in north-western and central western Italy - Orange Alert
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