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ECHO Daily Map of 15 December 2017

Philippines - Tropical Cyclone KAI-TAK UPDATE
  • The Tropical Cyclone KAI-TAK (named URDUJA in the Philippines) continues moving west-northwest over the Philippine sea toward Eastern Samar province (Eastern Visayas region, Philippines). On 15 December at 0.00 UTC, its centre was located 250 km east of Borongan city in Eastern Samar province, and had a maximum sustained wind speed of 83 km/h (Tropical Storm).
  • Over the next 48 hours it is forecast to continue moving northwest toward Eastern Visayas region. It is expected to make landfall over Northern-Eastern Samar area on 16 December morning/afternoon UTC, possibly as a Tropical Storm, and may continue moving over Visayas region on 16-18 December. Heavy rain and strong winds may occur over the regions of Visayas, southern Luzon and northern Mindanao. As of 15 December, the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA) has advised residents in these areas to be alerted against possible flash floods and landslides. They also issued, as of the same date, a heavy rainfall warning (red warning level) for Eastern Samar, Samar, Biliran, Leyte and Southern Leyte provinces, as well as a Tropical Cyclone warning signal 2 for Eastern Samar, Samar and Biliran provinces.
  • Heavy rain has already started to affect Visayas and northern Mindanao, causing floods and landslides. According to media, as of 15 December at 7.00 UTC, five houses have been destroyed and at least 900 people have been evacuated in Misamis Oriental province (Northern Mindanao region). Several roads have been damaged due to landslides in the Eastern Samar province.

ECHO Daily Map of 14 December 2017



ECHO Daily Map of 13 December 2017



ECHO Daily Map of 12 December 2017

Albania Floods
  • As of the 9 December 08.00 UTC further rains are expected over the weekend, however these are not forecast to have a significant impact.
  • To date National Authorities reported over 15 000 ha have been affected by flooding.
  • On the 5 December, the Union Civil Protection Mechanism was activated and thus far Austria, France, Greece, Slovakia and Slovenia have made offers via the Mechanism.
  • A four person EUCP Team arrived in Tirana by 8 December and are currently liaising with the National Authorities to coordinate the arrival of the assistance.

ECHO Daily Map of 11 December 2017

Meteoalarm - As of 11 December, 7:30 UTC
  • On 11 December: Red Alert for strong winds in western Austria, south-eastern Switzerland, southern and central Germany, northwestern Spain, northern Portugal, central Croatia, northern Montenegro, southern Poland; Red Alert for heavy snowfall in southern Switzerland
  • On 12 December: Red Alert for strong winds in western Austria, southern Germany, southern Poland; Red Alert for heavy snowfall in southern Switzerland.

ECHO Daily Map of 08 December

20171208_DailyMap_Yemen_Cholera .png
Yemen - Diphtheria and Cholera
  • Diphtheria is making an alarming comeback in Yemen, with 318 clinically-diagnosed cases and 21 deaths reported in 15 governorates in the last three months (3 December). Ibb remains the most affected governorate (67% of reported cases). A vaccination campaign started in the two worst-affected sub-districts, targeting 8500 children.
  • Diphtheria is considered endemic in Yemen. Given the volatile political and security situation, the rolling out of a mass vaccination is jeopardized by the lack of vaccines, a collapsed health system and limited humanitarian access. Unless a comprehensive containment response plan is possible, it is likely that the diphtheria outbreak will spread.
  • 978 129 suspected cholera cases and 2 224 associated deaths have been reported across the country between 27 April and 6 December 2017. At this pace, the number of cholera cases will reach one million before the end of the year. With the rainy season coming up (March-June), there are fears that the cholera outbreak might again spiral out of control.

ECHO Daily Map of 7 December 2017



ECHO Daily Map of 06 December

20171206_DailyMap_Overview of disaster risks assessed in the EUCPM Participating States .png


ECHO Daily Map of 5 December

Albania - Severe Weather UPDATE
  • Torrential rain and associated severe flooding continues to affect most of the country since 1 December, causing damages.
  • As of 4 December at 08.00 UTC, national civil protection authorities reported 1271 flooded houses, 3078 flooded houses and 278 endangered houses, 56 bridges damaged, 716 families evacuated and accommodated.
  • Bilateral assistance has been offered by Montenegro (in-kind assistance) and the Republic of Kosovo (rescue teams and assessment experts). Part of the operations were carried out in cooperation with the Rapid Scale Intervention Team, which was trained and equipped with funds from the IPA FLOODS project.
  • Five grading maps have been produced by Copernicus Emergency Management Service (EMSR258).
  • Over the next 24 hours, more thunderstorms and heavy rain may continue to occur over the already affected areas.

ECHO Daily Map of 4 December 2017

India, Sri Lanka - Tropical Cyclone OCKHI Update
  • Tropical Cyclone OCKHI continued moving north-northeastwards over the Arabian Sea, heading toward the northwestern coast of India. On 4 December at 0.00 UTC its centre was located 870 km south-west of Surat city (Gujarat State, India) and it had maximum sustained winds speed of 130 km/h. 
  • Over the next 24 hours, it is forecast to approach the Gulf of Khambhat (northwestern Indian coast) as a Tropical Storm. Heavy rain with very heavy rain at isolated places and strong winds may occur over the states of Gujarat and Maharashtra.
  • According to national authorities, as of 4 December at 8.00 UTC, 14 people have been killed, at least two have gone missing, 77 have been injured and over 31 000 houses have been damaged in Western, Southern, Central and Sabaragamuwa Provinces of Sri Lanka. Local media reported that at least 19 people were killed and over 600 fishermen were rescued in the states of Kerala and Tamil Nadu.
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