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Id Map Country ECHO Daily Flash Gdacs Id  
891 ECDM_20140929_Syria_IDPs_refugees.jpg
ECHO Daily Map of 29 October 2014
Syrian Arab Republic
887 ECDM_20141028_NILOFAR_HANNA.jpg
ECHO Daily Map of 28 October 2014
India India - Tropical Cyclone NILOFAR - UPDATE
  • NILOFAR continued moving north-west over the Arabian Sea on 27 October, strengthening. On 28 October at 00.00 UTC it had max. sustained winds of 167 km/h and its center was located over the Arabian Sea, approx. 550 km south-east of the coast of Al Wusta Governorate (Oman) and 1 100 km south-west of the coast of Gujarat State (western India).
  • It is expected to make landfall on 31 October near Jakhau port (Gujarat), with wind speeds up to 120 km/h.
  • In coastal Gujarat (Kutch and Saurashtra), very heavy rainfall is predicted from 31 October. While low humanitarian impact is expected as the predicted landfall area is sparsely populated, the state government has issued a cyclone alert and necessary preparations are being made.
886 ECDM_20141027_WestAfrica_Ebola.jpg
ECHO Daily Map of 27 October 2014
Africa West Africa - EBOLA Outbreak - EU Coordinator
  • The European Union appointed on Thursday - 23 October 2014, Mr Christos Stylianides, as the coordinator to lead its drive to fight Ebola in West Africa.
  • Mr Christos Stylianides has been appointed as the EU's commissioner for humanitarian affairs and crisis management starting on 1 November 2014.
885 ECDM_20141024_World_Events.jpg
ECHO Daily Map of 24 October 2014
World Europe - Severe weather
  • The recent severe weather (strong winds, rains, storm surge and snow), after having affected parts of northern Europe, affected a number of countries in central and eastern Europe on 22-23 October.
  • In Czech Republic, media reported flooded areas in Plzen and South Bohemian regions, in the south-western part of the country. On 23 October, a Red Alert (MeteoAlarm) for floods and heavy rain was in effect. As of 24 October morning, no Orange or Red Alerts in effect (MeteoAlarm).
  • In Slovenia, heavy rains caused floods in the central parts of the country, damaging several buildings in the area of Ljubljana.
  • In Croatia, winds, rains and thunderstorms caused power outages and traffic disruption.
  • Winds, rains and snow caused power outages also in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as in Serbia. Media (as of 23 October) reported 8 000 customers without electricity in Serbia.
883 ECDM_20141023_Europe_SevereWeather.jpg
ECHO Daily Map of 23 October 2014
Europe Europe - Severe weather
  • In the last few days, due to a low pressure system (previously known as Hurricane GONZALO), strong winds, rain, storm surge and snow affected parts of northern Europe, causing damage, traffic disruption, power outages. Especially affected were parts of Ireland, United Kingdom, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany and Denmark.
  • One person was killed in the UK and two others in France.
  • In the UK, a storm surge of 1.50 m was measured in Liverpool (West England), on 21 Oct, 5.45 UTC, and 1.72 m in Lowestoft (East England) on 22 October, 1.30 UTC.
  • In Germany, the ‘Hamburg Fischmarkt’ was flooded, as well as Bremerhaven and other coastal areas. The max. storm surge observed was 2.73 m in the coastal area around Cuxhaven (Germany) in the morning of 22 October, 5.17 UTC. 
  • In Austria and Switzerland, strong winds and snow caused traffic disruption and power outages. 
  • In Slovenia, heavy rain and wind also caused damage in the central part of the country.
882 ECDM_NorthernEurope_SevereWeather_20141022.jpg
ECHO Daily Map of 22 October 2014
Europe Europe - Severe weather
  • A low pressure system reached Ireland and the northern UK on 20-21 October, causing strong winds, rains and storm surge in several areas of these countries, as well as in parts of France. JRC calculations indicated a max. storm surge of 1.6-1.7 m in the coastal area near Lowestoft (East England, UK) on 22 October early morning.
  • UK, Ireland: according to media, one person was killed and another one was injured in London by falling trees and three people were also injured in Southwick, West Sussex (UK). The severe weather caused travel disruption and power outages in parts of Ireland and UK, and forced a temporary closure of parts of the center of Liverpool.
  • France: two people were killed (one in Aube, one in Bas-Rhin department), due to the effects of the strong winds.
  • Austria: strong winds are affecting Austria; media reported power outages for approx. 30 000 households. A Red Alert for strong winds is in effect for western, central and northern Austria.
  • Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands: media reported traffic disruption, several flooded roads and a number of damaged roofs also in northern Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands. In the next 24 h strong winds, rains and storm surge may affect the coast of Belgium, Netherlands, Germany and Denmark. JRC calculations indicate a max. storm surge of the order of 2.4-2.5 m in the coastal area around Bremerhaven, Wilhelmshaven, Rodenkirchen (Germany) and of 1.8-2.0 m along parts of the coast of Netherlands, in the morning of 22 October.
881 ECDM_20141021_Iraq.jpg
ECHO Daily Map of 21 October 2014
880 ECDM_20141020_WestAfrica_Ebola.jpg
ECHO Daily Map of 20 October 2014
Guinea Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) - Update
  • 4 546 deaths from EVD have been reported up to the end of 13 October.
  • As of 17 October WHO officially declares in Senegal the Ebola outbreak over. A similar statement on Nigeria is expected on Monday, 20 October after the requisite 42 days.
  • A WHO report states that the Liberian Foya district may be on its way to control Ebola. The significant impact on controlling Ebola appears to have been achieved by "working with communities".
874 ECDM_20141017_GONZALO_ANA.jpg
ECHO Daily Map of 17 October 2014
Bermuda Bermuda (U.K.) - Tropical Cyclone GONZALO UPDATE
  • On 17 October, 3.00 UTC, GONZALO was centred approximately 540km south-west of Bermuda island. It was a Category 4 Hurricane, with maximum sustained wind speed of 222km/h. Over the next 48h, it is forecast to continue over Bermuda late 17 to early 18 October, having slightly decreased in intensity. It will subsequently move over the north Atlantic, away from land, weakening.
  • GONZALO is expected to affect Bermuda with strong winds, storm surge, large waves and accumulated rainfall of the order of 75-150mm. As of 17 October, a Hurricane Warning is in effect for the island.
873 ECDM_20141016_GONZALO_ANA.jpg
ECHO Daily Map of 16 October 2014
Bermuda Bermuda (UK) - Tropical Cyclone GONZALO
  • On 16 October, 6.00 UTC, GONZALO was a Category 3 Hurricane, with maximum sustained wind speed of 205 km/h. Its centre was located approximately 880 km south-west of Bermuda island and it was moving north-northeast. Over the next 24 h, it is forecast to continue on its track towards Bermuda, approaching the island on 17 October, while roughly maintaining its intensity.
  • GONZALO is expected to affect Bermuda with heavy rainfall, strong winds and storm surge. As of 16 October, a Hurricane Warning is in effect on the island.
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