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ECHO Daily Map of 31 July 2015

Iraq – Conflict, mass displacement, basic humanitarian assistance and protection
  • On 26-27 July, EU Commissioner for Humanitarian Aid and Crisis Management, Christos Stylianides, visited Iraq's Kurdistan region to meet with key government officials and humanitarian partners. The Commissioner's mission was the second to Iraq this year, after the one to Baghdad, on 6-7 July. The visit came shortly after the recent allocation of additional € 25 million in EU humanitarian assistance to Iraq, bringing the total in 2015 to € 63.55 million, and followed the recent launch of the Iraq Humanitarian Response Plan (HRP), appealing to USD 497 million, for the period June-December 2015.
  • During his visit, EU Commissioner for Humanitarian Aid and Crisis Management called on all parties to the conflict to comply with International Humanitarian Law and grant access to safer ground to all affected civilians.
  • Mr Stylianides also underlined that it is imperative to provide protection and humanitarian assistance, impartially, to all most vulnerable people across the country, in a way consistent with humanitarian principles, on the basis of needs only, independently assessed, and in a proportional manner, regardless of ethnic origin, religious affiliation or territorial control. A failure to do so will only fuel further violence in the future, exacerbating sectarian, religious and ethnic tensions and causing the disaffection of an enormous civilian population.
  • Iraq crisis is a UN level 3 emergency with the number of people requiring life-saving assistance having reached the staggering figure of 8.2 million in a year. Over 3.1 million persons have been internally displaced, of these only 8% live in camps. In addition, Iraq hosts nearly 250 000 refugees from Syria. Needs continue to grow. Nevertheless, the humanitarian response remains seriously underfunded.

ECHO Daily Map of 30 July 2015



ECHO Daily Map of 29 July 2015



ECHO Daily Map of 28 July 2015



ECHO Daily Map of 27 July 2015

Bangladesh - Severe weather UPDATE
  • Heavy rainfall continued affecting southern Bangladesh over the past few days, with 210mm measured in Chittagong (26 July) and 190 in Cox's Bazaar (25-26 July) over 24h periods.
  • Floods were reported in the districts of Chittagong, Barisal and Khulna on 25 July. A landslide triggered by the rainfall in Cox's Bazaar on 27 July left two people dead and three missing, while it destroyed four houses.
  • Over the next 24h, heavy rainfall is forecast for southern Bangladesh. The Flood Forecasting Warning Centre of Bangladesh reports that all major river levels display falling trends, while nine stations are currently exceeding the flood levels.

ECHO Daily Map of 24 July 2015



ECHO Daily Map of 23 July 2015

ECDM_20150723_Pakistan_Severe weather.jpg
Pakistan – Monsoon Floods
  • Heavy rainfall has caused flooding in South Punjab, Sindh, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP), Balochistan and Gilgit Baltistan provinces of Pakistan. Rain will continue for at least the next five days and is expected to cause flash floods.
  • Chitral district in KP is the most seriously hit district so far, with 10 deaths, 275 000 people affected and the region cut off from other areas for the last week, which may result in food shortages. Damage to agricultural crops ranges from minimum 5% up to 60% in some areas. To date, 40 bridges, 7 major roads, shops, hotels and mosques have also been damaged. About 80% of water supply schemes have been adversely affected.
  • In Balochistan, three people died in Zhob and 15 people were swept away by flash floods in Khuzdar and Lasbella.

ECHO Daily Map of 22 July 2015

Croatia - Forest fires
  • A fire burnt on the island of Korcula and another one on the peninsula of Peljesac near the villages of Pijavicino and Trstenik in the Dubrovnik–Neretva County (southern Croatia) over the last few days. The fires were still not under control, as of 21 July.
  • According to media (as of 21 July), the authorities had evacuated dozens of people on Peljesac peninsula and the total burnt area of the fires in Korcula and on the peninsula of Peljesac was over 1 000 ha (media).

ECHO Daily Map of 21 July 2015



ECHO Daily Map of 20 July 2015


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