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ECHO Daily Map of 27 March 2015

Chile - Floods
  • Two northern Chile regions (Atacama and Antofagasta) are currently the most affected ones by heavy rains that have caused floodings and landslides. A state of emergency is in effect since 26 March for the Atacama Region and the Antofagasta municipality.
  • The Health Ministry has declared a Sanitary Alert in Copiapó, Tierra Amarilla, Diego de Almagro y Alto del Carmen.
  • So far, nine people are reported dead, 19 missing and 5 576 people took refuge in 23 shelters. 35 houses have been destroyed and 941 partially damaged. Many communities have not been reached yet, as access by road is impossible. The Government has provided 15 helicopters in order to complete assessments.
  • In Antofagasta Region electricity has been re-established and several health facilities are not operational as they are still flooded or sustained structural damage. In Atacama Region, 20 000 people remain without electricity and 7 500 people without drinking water. Several health facilities are not operational. In Coquimbo Region, 7 429 people remain without electricity and 41 000 people without drinking water.

ECHO Daily Map of 26 March 2015



ECHO Daily Map of 25 March 2015



ECHO Daily Map of 24 March 2015

Ecuador - Severe Weather
  • Heavy rainfall since 20 March has triggered river overflow and landslides in several provinces throughout Ecuador. In Nuevo Rocafuerte, Orellana province, 64mm of rain were observed in 24h on 22 March, while 53mm were recorded near Shell, in Pastaza province, over 21-22 March.
  • As of 23 March, damage to houses and infrastructure, as well as casualties, have been reported in most provinces, with 10 people killed in Pichincha, Santo Domingo de los Tsáchilas, Napo and Bolivar, due to landslides and drowning. Evacuations had to take place in Chillanes canton in Bolivar and in Santo Domingo canton in Santo Domingo de los Tsáchilas province, due to river overflow and a series of landslides, respectively, as well as in Santa Rosa canton, El Oro province, due to floods.
  • Over the next 48h, heavy rainfall is expected to continue over a large part of the country, especially in the central and southern provinces.

ECHO Daily Map of 23 March 2015

Vanuatu - Tropical Cyclone PAM - Update
  • Government-led Initial Rapid Assessments are now completed. Main needs remain water, shelter and food assistance.
  • OCHA reports around 166 000 people have been affected by Tropical Cyclone Pam across five provinces (Shefa, Tafea, Penama, Malampa and Torba). The confirmed fatalities remain at 16 people.
  • Approximately 14 000 homes are reported to be destroyed or damaged (destruction ranging from 20% - 90%). 65 000 people are in need of temporary shelter. There are nearly 4 000 people sheltering in 36 evacuation centers in Efate.
  • 162 000 people in Tafea, Shefa, Malampa and Penama provinces are in need of food assistance. So far, approximately 50 000 people have already received emergency food assistance.
  • A Flash Appeal is being drafted (based on a 3-month timeframe) and expected to be launched tomorrow. At present OCHA’s Financial Tracking Service records a total of USD 10 million in financial contributions (mainly Australia USD 3.9 million, United Kingdom USD 2.46 million, New Zealand USD 1.8 million, EU USD 1.12 million). This amount excludes USD 7.71 million outstanding pledges.

ECHO Daily Map of 20 March 2015

Syria – Conflict and displacement
  • New population displacements are reportedly taking place in the north-western governorate of Idleb following the escalation of fighting between the Syrian army and armed groups, as well as intense aerial bombardment. After the attacks on the villages of Sarmin and Qmenas earlier in the week, families from Binish, Sarmin Taftanaz and Taoum, a string of villages east of Idleb city, are now seeking refuge in the northern parts of the governorate. Many of these families have been displaced more than once already.
  • Fears about an impending offensive against Idleb city by armed groups appear to be triggering an escalation of government military operations in the area. Idleb, the small capital city, is over-populated with IDPs and there are growing concerns about the situation of about 300 000 local residents and IDP families in the city should hostilities between government and armed groups intensify.
  • Humanitarian organizations in Idleb governorate are reinforcing contingency plans and scaling up assistance for the newly displaced families.

ECHO Daily Map of 19 March 2015



ECHO Daily Map of 18 March 2015

Vanuatu – Cyclone PAM - Update
  • Re-establishment of telecommunications, shelter, water and food remain the main priorities. 3 370 people are currently sheltered in 48 evacuation centres in Efate island, where severe and widespread damage is reported as well as in the islands Erromango and Tanna. 
  • The Government of Vanuatu is leading the overall process of humanitarian response, with support for partners. Humanitarian aid is scaling up in Port Vila, where a mobile hospital with extra nurses and extra doctors from Australia is being currently set. Moroever, the Hospital in Vanuatu is being reinforced by the arrival of medical staff from around the region. 
  • The International Organization for Migration (IOM) is providing additional capacity to Camp Coordination and Camp Management (CCCM) and World Food Programme (WFP) is providing food aid and logistics support. WFP with assistance from UNICEF is to established two storage logistical hubs, one in Port Vila and another in Tanna.Telecoms Sans Frontiers (TSF) are working to re-establish telecommunication networks in five Provincial Disaster Management centres. 
  • The United Nations Resident Coordinator for Fiji has been designated as the Humanitarian Coordinator for Vanuatu for a period of three months.

ECHO Daily Map of 17 March 2015

Vanuatu – Cyclone PAM - Update
  • 11 people have been confirmed dead, including five on Tanna Island in Tafea province, lowering the earlier report of 24 casualties. There are 3 296 people sheltered in 37 evacuation centres in Torba Province (215 people), Penama Province (216 people) and Efate Island in Shefa Province (2 865 people), however exact numbers need to be confirmed through further assessment.
  • The overall situation regarding air traffic disruption is improving, as Port Vila airport has been reopened to commercial flights. Nonetheless, unloading equipment available at the airport is limited. Aerial assessments conducted by military aircrafts from New Caledonia, Australia and New Zealand indicate Shefa, Tafea, Malampa and Penama provinces as the worst impacted areas. Assessments to different islands are scaling up today. Considerable damages might be expected in Erromango and Tanna islands. 
  • Access to water and electricity is rapidly being restored in Port Vila, from an estimated 80 per cent of power lines damaged or down. Water supply has been restored to 80 percent of Port Vila. Australia is sending extra 70 medical and search and rescue staff to Vanuatu. They are due to land on Tuesday 17 and Wednesday 18 March. There are also 50 Australian Defence Force personnel on the ground.
  • On 16 March, the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) issued an Emergency Appeal of CHF 3.9 million (approximately EUR 3.66 million). An ECHO expert has joined UNDAC team to conducting rapid emergency needs assessment in Erromango Island on 17 and 18 March. A second ECHO expert just arrived in Port Vila.

ECHO Daily Map of 16 March 2015

Vanuatu Cyclone PAM
  • OCHA reports 6 dead people and more than 2 000 people sheltering in over 25 evacuation centres in Efate, Torba and Penama provinces. Shelter is likely to be a major need. Clean water, sanitation and hygiene supplies are also major issues for those left homeless and those in evacuation centres. Still, information on impact and needs regarding other islands is very scarce. Erromango and Tanna islands (south of Efate) are expected to have been heavily affected.
  • The airport in Port Vila has reopened, allowing military aircraft from Australia, New Zealand and France to bring in relief supplies and personnel. Media also report the first commercial flight landed on Monday 16 March. Mobile network and communications have been restored in Port Vila.
  • The National Disaster Management Office (NDMO) is coordinating the response and has activated the National Emergency Operations Centre (NEOC). The Government is coordinating and collating the various offers of assistance. The Vanuatu Humanitarian Team (VHT) is supporting the Government and is a collaboration between Vanuatu based NGOs, the Red Cross, UN and government agencies.
  • Several organizations are stepping up relief efforts (WFP, UNICEF, OXFAM, Save the Children, Vanuatu Red Cross, World Vision, ADRA, CARE). An UNDAC team arrived on 16 March 2015.
  • As of 16 March 2015, according to the Food Security and Agriculture Cluster’s Initial Briefing, crops across the country are severely damaged; banana crops and leafy vegetable crops are likely to have been destroyed. Loss of livestock and destroyed fisheries infrastructure have also been reported. 
  • ECHO expert from RSO Bangkok arrived in Port Vila on 16 March 2015. A second expert is expected to land tomorrow.
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