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ECHO Daily Map of 28 January 2015

Ukraine - Conflict
  • Intensive attacks in the eastern Ukraine, including the deadly attacks in Mariupol have caused 5 000 casualties since the beginning of the conflict. Humanitarian needs are also increasing; over 900 000 IDPs and 600 000 refugees to neighbouring countries, mainly to Russia have been reported.
  • During his mission in Ukraine from 26 to 28 January together with DG Claus Sorensen, Commissioner Christos Stylianides announced an additional humanitarian assistance of EUR 15 million for 2015 to address the needs of the affected population, including in the combat zones. In addition, ECHO is coordinating today the direct delivery of 85 tons of relief items from the EU, together with the Member States, that arrive today by 3 planes and several trucks in Dnepropetrovsk. This assistance includes tents, plastic sheets, blankets and warm clothing; the distribution of the assistance to those most in need will be conducted by ECHO humanitarian partners.

ECHO Daily Map of 27 January 2014

U.S.A. - Severe Weather
  • Heavy snowfall and strong winds (gusts up to 80 km/h) are expected to affect the southern part of New England region and Long Island in north-eastern United States on 27 January. As of the same day, NOAA has Blizzard and Winter Storm Warnings in effect and media report more than 7 700 flights cancelled to and from the potentially affected area. In New York City and on Long Island, public transportation has been suspended and a travel ban has been imposed on all streets by the local authorities.

ECHO Daily Map of 26 January 2015

Factsheet on Ukraine
  • To help the most vulnerable of those affected by the conflict, the Commission is pledging to give EUR 15 million in humanitarian aid in 2015, bringing its total humanitarian assistance for the crisis to over EUR 26 million. The funds are used to provide shelter, health care, food, water, non-food items, sanitation and other emergency aid.
  • A joint EU humanitarian action is being carried out by the European Commission, a number of the Member States (Germany, Poland, Austria, Finland, Denmark, France, Latvia, Estonia, Croatia, Lithuania, Slovak Republic and Slovenia), UNHCR, UNICEF and Ukrainian Red Cross. 85 tonnes of humanitarian supplies are being sent to Ukraine on January 27 in this concerted EU operation that will provide much needed relief to the people affected by conflict and harsh winter in eastern Ukraine.
  • The combined funding from EU institutions and Member States amounts to EUR 95 million.

ECHO Daily Map of 23 January 2015

Malawi - Flood - UPDATE
  • The number of deaths in Malawi due to the recent floods is still rising. As of 21 January, 62 people were reported killed and another 153 were missing. Many areas are still isolated and search and rescue are on-going. As of 22 January, 638 000 people have been affected and 173 700 have been people displaced.
  • Southern Malawi has been especially affected by floods, with extensive damaged to houses and infrastructures reported in the most affected districts of Phalombe, Chikwawa and Nsanje. 
  • In the next 24 h more rain is forecast in Central and Northern areas of Malawi, less in Southern Malawi. Risk of flooding is still high.

ECHO Daily Map of 22 January 2015

French Polynesia - Tropical Cyclone NIKO
  • On 21 January, 18.00 00 UTC, Tropcial Cyclone NIKO was in the South Pacific Ocean with maximum sustained wind speed of 93 km/h. Its centre was located approximately 140 km north-east of Pape'etethe (Tahiti), moving further south-east over water. WMO measurements recorded 69 mm of rain in Tahiti-Faaa, French Polinesia, in 24 h over 20 -21 January.
  • In the next 24h, NIKO is forecast to continue moving south-east, intensifying. Meteo France – French Polynesia issued an orange alert for strong winds, heavy rainfall and high seas for the north-western Tuamotu islands, as of 22 January.

ECHO Daily Map of 21 January 2014

Malawi - Flood- UPDATE
  • In Malawi the flooding has affected 638 000 people through damages to crops and houses.Latest figures remain 121 000 people displaced by recent floods, more than 50 people killed and 153 missing.
  • Parts of the southern region continue to receive light to moderate rainfall. As soils are already saturated, additional flooding remains a concern. Moderate to heavy rains are expected in the northern half of Malawi.
  • According to OCHA, search and rescue operations continue, with relief supplies being dispatched to affected areas.

ECHO Daily Map of 20 January 2015



ECHO Daily Map of 19 January 2015

Mozambique - Flood
  • In Mozambique 52 692 people have been affected and 22 332 people have been reported displaced. The National Authorities have opened 14 accommodation centres in Nampula and Zambezia. The numbers are expected to rise as the rain continues. 4 831 houses have been totally destroyed and 24 people are reported dead. 
  • Mozambique's main north-south highway is impassable in two places in Zambezia province, where bridges have collapsed making overland transport impossible. There are urgent needs related to logistics.
  • The most critical situation is in the centre of the Country, particularly in the Licungo River Basin (Zambezia Province). Floods here reached historical levels (in some areas up to 12m height). Infrastructure was largely affected, isolating entire communities and making assessment of needs difficult and requiring airborne assistance.

ECHO Daily Map of 16 January 2015

Philippines - Tropical Cyclone MEKKHALA
  • Tropical Storm MEKKHALA (called "AMANG" in the Philippines) continues moving west over the Philippine Sea, intensifying. On 16 January, 0.00 UTC, it had maximum sustained wind speed of 74km/h and its centre was located over sea, approximately 600km east of Eastern Samar in Visayas.
  • Over the next 24h, MEKKHALA is forecast to continue its westward track, approaching the island of Samar in the morning of 17 January (UTC). After 17 January, MEKKHALA will probably turn north-west across central-northern Philippines, although its forecast track is still uncertain. It is expected to weaken into a tropical depression.
  • As of 16 January, PAGASA has issued a Public Storm Warning Signal for parts of Luzon and Visayas, as heavy rainfall and strong winds may affect the areas along the path of MEKKHALA.

ECHO Daily Map of 15 January 2015


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