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Each day, ERCC publishes a map of the most important event or events. The maps are archived and available to the public.

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ECHO Daily Map of 2 December 2016



ECHO Daily Map of 1 December 2016

USA - Forest fire
  • Several forest fires have been burning across the south-eastern states of the country over the past few days causing casualties and damage. The largest active fire is Chimney Tops 2, which broke out on 23 November in the Great Smoke Mountains National Park (Tennessee state) and has so far burnt an area of approx. 6 920 ha.
  • Local media, as of 1 December early morning (UTC), reported at least seven casualties and at least 53 injured. Over 14 000 have been evacuated and over 700 homes have been damaged throughout Sevier county (Tennessee state).
  • Over the next 24 h, heavy rain, strong winds and tornadoes may affect the south-eastern areas of the country, including the ones affected by wildfires.

ECHO Daily Map of 30 November 2016

Dominican Republic - Heavy rains
  • Two provinces are in red alert (Monte Cristi and Duarte). While assessments are currently ongoing, distribution of drinking water in affected communities is being carried out. Close to 20 000 people are displaced, 4 000 houses are damaged and 69 communities are isolated.

ECHO Daily Map of 29 November 2016



ECHO Daily Map of 28 November 2016



ECHO Daily Map of 25 November 2016

Israel - Wildfires
  • Several wildfires have been burning across Israel, affecting also Jerusalem and Haifa districts, causing extensive damage and evacuations. In Jerusalem district, a large active fire broke out in the municipality of Neve Shalom on 23 November, and has so far burnt an area of 580 ha. In Haifa district,  the largest active fire broke out in the municipality of Zichron Yaakov. According to the European Forest Fire Information System (EFFIS), as of 25 November early morning, the forest fire risk for the areas remains "Extreme" .
  • Dozens of people have suffered minor injuries, an estimated 60 000 people have been evacuated in the cities of Haifa and Beit Meir, and hundreds of homes have been damaged in the districts of Haifa and Jerusalem.
  • A Request for Assistance from Israel has been received through the Union Civil Protection Mechanism. France has offered three fire-fighting planes and Spain has offered four fire-fighting planes through the UCPM. Croatia, Cyprus, Greece and Italy have already sent fire-fighting aircraft on a bilateral basis.  ECHO is closely monitoring the situation.
  • Over the next 48 hours, strong winds and dry conditions are forecast for several areas of the country, including the ones affected by the fire.

ECHO Daily Map of 24 November 2016

Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia - Tropical Cyclone OTTO - UPDATE
  • Tropical Cyclone "OTTO" continued moving west-northwest, heading towards eastern Nicaragua and north-eastern Costa Rica. On 24 November at 6.00 UTC its center was located 150 km north-northeast of Limon city (Costa Rica) and 175 km east-southeast of Bluefields (Nicaragua) and had max. sustained winds speed of 140 km/h (Category 1 Hurricane).
  • Over the next 24 h it is forecast to continue moving west, strengthening. It may reach the Caribbean coast of south-eastern Nicaragua or north-eastern Costa Rica on 24 November afternoon (UTC). Heavy rain, strong winds and storm surge may affect Costa Rica, southern Nicaragua (rainfall accumulation up to 500 mm), the San Andres and Providencia islands (Colombia) as well as central and western Panama. JRC calculations estimate a max. storm surge of the order of 0.7 m in the area of Amerisco (south-eastern Nicaragua) on 24 November at 15.00 (UTC).
  • As of 24 November early morning (UTC), a Hurricane Warning is in effect from Limon (Costa Rica) to Bluefields (Nicaragua). An Hurricane Watch and Tropical Storm Warning is in effect from Bluefields to Sandy Bay Sirpi (Nicaragua) as well as a Tropical Storm Warning for the San Andres island (Colombia) and Puntarenas (Costa Rica) to Puerto Sandino (Nicaragua).
  • Local media reported that the death toll has reached seven people in the provinces of Colon and Panama (Panama).

ECHO Daily Map of 23 November 2016



ECHO Daily Map of 22 November 2016



ECHO Daily Map of 21 November 2016


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