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  20 January 2020
I. International

Fiji, Tonga, Samoan Archipelago - Tropical Cyclone TINO update (DG ECHO, GDACS, NOAA, media)

  • Tropical Cyclone TINO passed over south Pacific Ocean near Fiji, Tonga, and Samoan Archipelago on 17-18 January, causing heavy rain and strong winds, and triggering flash floods, which resulted in casualties and damage.
  • In Fiji, as of 20 January, media report 2 fatalities in Nuku District (southern Viti Levu Island), 3,115 displaced people in 78 evacuation centres, 15 roads closed and a number of buildings damaged across the country. In addition, flights, power and water supply disruption were reported.
  • In Tonga, around 3,000 people were reported without power across Ha'apai Islands group (central Tonga). In Samoa, power supply, international flights as well as inter-island ferry disruption were reported.
  • Over the next 24 hours, moderate rainfall is forecast over Fiji and Tonga, while moderate to locally heavy rain is forecast over the Samoan Archipelago.

China - Earthquake (GDACS, USGS, media)

  • An earthquake of 6.0 M at a depth of 11 km hit the Kashgar Prefecturethe (autonomous Region of Xinjiang, north-western China) on 19 January at 13.27 UTC (21.27 local time). The epicentre was approximately 110 km north-northeast of Kashgar City (Xinjiang autonomous region).
  • A series of aftershocks of up to 4.9 M magnitude have been reported. US PAGER estimates that up to 16,000 people were exposed to very strong shaking and up to 81,000 to strong shaking.
  • According to media reports, as of 20 December, 3 people have been injured, including 1 in critical condition, and several buildings have been damaged. The authorities are conducting the damage assessment and deployed rescue teams to help the affected people. An evacuation order is underway across the affected area.
  • Based on the needs reported by the Xinjiang Red Cross Society of China (RCSC), the RCSC National Headquarters released tents, family kits, quilts and other emergency supplies to the affected area.



Brazil - Floods (INMET, Floodlist, media)

  • Heavy rain has been affecting Espirito Santo State (southeastern Brazil) since 17 January, triggering floods and landslides, which resulted in casualties and damage.
  • As of 20 January, media report at least 6 fatalities, of which 3 in Alfredo Chaves Municipality (2 of these due to a localised landslide) and 3 more in Iconha Municipality. In addition, severe damage to buildings and infrastructure has been reported.
  • Over the next 24 hours, moderate to locally heavy rain and strong winds are forecast over Espirito Santo.
II. Europe

Spain - Severe weather (Spanish Civil Protection, AEMET, EUMETNET, media)

  • Heavy snowfall, heavy rain and strong winds have been affecting several regions of the country since the last few days, leading to casualties.
  • According to media, as of 20 January, two people have been slightly injured in Mataró (Barcelona Province). Alicante Airport has been closed for 24 hours disrupting 200 flights and schools are closed across Albacete, Murcia and Alicante.
  • Over the next 24 hours, heavy rain and strong winds are forecast over the whole eastern coastal area while moderate rain and snowfall are forecast over central-eastern Spain.
  • The Spanish Meteorological Agency (AEMET) issued several red warnings for heavy snowfall and strong winds over central-eastern and north-eastern Spain.

Meteoalarm - As of 20 January, 8.00 UTC (EUMETNET)

  • On 20 January: Red Alert for strong winds, snow/ice and coastal events in central-eastern and north-eastern Spain.
  • On 21 January: Red Alert for coastal events in north-eastern Spain.

Floods and flood warnings during the last 24 hours reported by national services (European Flood Awareness System - EFAS)

  • United Kingdom:Warning level 2/3 for 1 region in England.
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