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  19 February 2020
I. International

Mali – Armed violence against civilians, forced displacement (DG ECHO, INGOs, media)

  • On 14 February, another attack against the Peulh/Fulani community of Ogossagou (Central Mali) caused 31 civilian victims. This is almost one year after a first attack that left 160 men, women and children dead, at the peak of intercommunity violence in Central Mali. The perpetrators of the second attack are still unknown.
  • The multidimensional crisis that affects Central and North Mali has severely deteriorated over the last year. The security situation is precarious due to armed clashes between militias, radical armed groups and intercommunity clashes. These were the major causes of forced displacement for over 340,000 people in 2019. This trend is likely to continue in 2020. The conflict has also contributed to the increased food insecurity in Mali during the next lean season with 1.1 million individuals requiring food assistance.
  • Humanitarian organisations provided multi-sectorial assistance to 275,000 newly displaced people through the Rapid Response Mechanism in 2019. However, humanitarian access is becoming more  difficult. In recent months, humanitarian actors have been stopped and assistance seized by radical armed groups and/or criminals.

Mauritania – Increased flow of Malian refugees to Mauritania (DG ECHO, HCR)

  • A sudden increase in refugee arrivals has been observed since 10 February at Doueinkara, a border point from Mali to Fassala Commune, Mauritania, due to the deteriorating security situation in Mali. As of 13 February, there are an estimated 578 new arrivals. Around 90% of them are women and children; it is reported that the men are expected at a later stage with their cattle. All are reported to be of Fulani origin.
  • Most of the new arrivals are from Segou and Niono circle and surroundings. As a preventive measure against the haemorrhagic fever which have been confirmed at Mopti, Mauritanian authorities have instructed a quarantine for a period of 14-21 days at the border. No cases of haemorrhagic fever have been confirmed among the refugees as of the reporting date.

Indonesia - Floods and landslides (BNPB, BMKG)

  • Heavy rain continues to affect Sumatra, Java and Kalimantan, causing floods and landslides that have resulted in casualties and damage.
  • According to the Indonesian National Board for Disaster Management (BNPB), one person died, one is still missing and 2 people were injured after a landslide in Pasaman Regency (West Sumatra Province). In Cirebon Regency (West Java), 15 people have been displaced and 1,120 houses have been flooded due to the overflow of Cisanggarung River. Furthermore, more than 1,600 people have been affected by widespread floods, 1,251 in Solok Regency (West Sumatra) and 379 North Penajam Paser Regency (East Kalimantan).
  • Over the next 24 hours, heavy to locally heavy rain, thunderstorms and strong winds are forecast over most of Sumatra, the whole of Java and central-northern Borneo Island.

Mozambique - Floods update (IOM, INGC, INAM, media)

  • Floods triggered by heavy rain from 10-15 February have led to casualties in Manica and Sofala Provinces.
  • In Manica, 2 people died in Guro District and 2 people in Sussundenga District. At least 194 families are displaced in the districts of Gondola, Sussundenga and Chimoio, after dozens of houses were destroyed. Many districts remain isolated from the rest of the province, following the collapse of bridges and flooding of several roads.
  • In Sofala, media report two fatalities and 7 missing people, after flooding caused by the overflow of Buzi and Nhamapaza rivers. More than 71,000 people have been affected and 15,755 individuals are hosted in 30 accomodation centres across Sofala.
  • Moderate rain will persist over Mozambique overthe next 24 hours. 

USA - Floods (NOAA, Floodlist, media)

  • Heavy rain has been affecting Mississippi and Tennessee since 15 February, causing river overflow (particularly the Pearl River and the Tennessee River), and triggering floods that have resulted in damage.
  • In Mississippi, media report as of 19 February, several evacuation orders issued across Hinds (including the Jackson City area), Rankin, and Madison Counties, while 16 people were rescued from flooded houses. In addition, around 1,000 houses are damaged and more than 2,400 structures are affected by flooding. The government of Mississippi declared a state of emergency on 15 February.
  • In Tennessee, two houses were destroyed in Savannah, due to a landslide.
  • More heavy rain is expected over most of the southern USA, including  Mississippi and southern Tennessee. A flood warning has been issued for central-west Mississippi and west Tennessee.
II. Europe

Floods and flood warnings during the last 24 hours reported by national services (European Flood Awareness System - EFAS)

  • Finland: Warning level 2/3 for 6 stations in southwestern and western Finland.
  • Georgia: Threshold level 2/2 exceeded for Tskhenisckali - Ludji station.
  • Sweden: Warning level 2/3 for 5 rivers or areas in the western Sweden.
  • United Kingdom: Warning level 3/3 for several locations in the West Midlands of England and 2/3 for many locations in England, Scotland and Wales.
III. Factsheets


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