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ECHO Products

The ERCC products have an important role in preventing, preparing and responding to an emergency.

In the first hours following a disaster swift decisions must be made to plan disaster response operations.

The ERCC produces different products as part of its response to disasters. These provide situational awareness of the event to support rapid decision-making and help coordinate a more effective response.

In addition, different partners of the ERCC are producing products to inform the ERCC and Member States on unfolding disasters (eg. ARISTOTLE monitoring report, EFFIS Forest Fire Bulletin, and many more).

On this page you can find links to dedicated pages of these products, or you can also directly search for specific documents in the documents page.

  • Echo Flash

    Daily Flash 

    The daily flash provides a daily snapshot on unfolding disasters and main humanitarian crises, in Europe and the world. The product consists of short summaries of the main events of the past few days, presented in short bullet points, in neutral, simple language, sticking to facts and figures, with an emphasis on DG ECHO's added-value.
  • Maps


    The daily map provides an overview of a significant event or situation on a daily basis. The maps are related to DG ECHO humanitarian and civil protection interventions or depict events that are expected to have humanitarian consequences.