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ECHO Daily Map of 01 July 2022

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China - Tropical cyclone CHABA, update
  • Tropical cyclone CHABA has intensified as it moves north-westwards over the South China Sea. On 1 July at 0.00 UTC, its center was located about 350 km south-east of the north-east coast of Hainan Island (southern China), with maximum sustained winds of 93 km/h. 
  • On 1 July, it is forecast to move over the Sea, passing close to the north-eastern coast of Hainan. CHABA is expected to make landfall on the morning of 2 July in an area close to Zhanjiang City (Guangdong Province, southern China), with maximum sustained winds up to 120 km/h. 
  • Heavy to very heavy rainfall with strong winds are forecast from 1 July over Hainan Island, southern Guangdong, southeastern Guangxi, and the southern coast of Fujian Province.

ECHO Daily Map of 30 June 2022

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Afghanistan - Earthquake, update
  • DG ECHO has activated its Acute Large Emergency Response Tool (ALERT) mechanism to allocate EUR 1 million to respond to the most urgent needs of the earthquake affected population. Proposals on food security, wash, shelter and livelihood support are submitted by UNHCR, WFP and UNICEF (EUR 2.5 million).
  • An additional Humanitarian Air Bridge (HAB) carrying 36 tonnes of life-saving relief items (UNICEF, WHO and MSF) has been activated.
  • The situation in the affected area is complex and multi-layered, requiring a well targeted response. Pressing needs include food assistance, shelter (including winterization assistance), also WASH and trauma care.
  • The affected population is geographically scattered and remains heavily traumatized. Access to beneficiaries is difficult because of the mountainous terrain and the poor infrastructure.   
  • Women are at  risk of not being appropriately reached by the response. Female humanitarian workers have difficulties to reach beneficiaries, as the area is extremely conservative. There are no proper facilities for women to stay over.
  • The UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UN OCHA) launched an urgent appeal for USD 110 million, to assist 362,000 affected people.



ECHO Daily Map of 29 June 2022

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ECHO Daily Map of 28 June 2022

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ECHO Daily Map of 27 June 2022

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ECHO Daily Map of 24 June 2022

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India - Monsoon rains, update
  • Heavy monsoon rains continue to affect several States of India since mid-May, triggering landslides, causing floods, and a number of severe weather-related incidents that have resulted in casualties and damage.
  • According to the National Institute of Disaster Management (NDMI), 418 people have died, most across Himachal Pradesh (152 fatalities), Assam (100), Meghalaya (34) and Madhya Pradesh (34). A total of 56 people are still missing, 946 are injured and more than 450,000 evacuated in 3,130 relief camps.
  • On 24-25 June, heavy to very heavy rainfall with localized thunderstorms and strong winds are forecast over western, south-western, central, eastern and north-eastern India. Orange warnings for strong winds and heavy rain have been issued for western India.

ECHO Daily Map of 23 June 2022

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Spain - Forest fires, update
  • Several active forest fires continue to burn and affect northern Spain. 
  • In Zamora Province (Castile and León Autonomous Community, north-western Spain), several people were preventively evacuated and the railway traffic between Zamora and Sanabria was suspended due to a forest fire, which as of 20 June has been stabilised, as reported by the Spanish Department of Homeland Security (DSN). Several fire events in Navarra Autonomous Community (northern Spain) are threatening towns, and extinction efforts are hampered by strong gusts of wind.
  • In Lleida Province (Catalonia Autonomous Community, north-eastern Spain), fire efforts are focused on the fire in Artesa de Segre-Baldomar, where emergency military units and state air media collaborate in the extinction tasks. According to the government of Catalonia, about 2,700 ha of land have been burned, of which 2,560 ha is forest vegetation.
  • Copernicus EMS Rapid Mapping was activated on 16 June for Catalonia (EMSR578), Navarra (EMSR579), Zamora (EMSR580) and Zaragoza (EMSR581) to estimate the damage assessment.

ECHO Daily Map of 22 June 2022

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Afghanistan - Earthquake
  • An earthquake of magnitude 5.9 M at a depth of 10 km occurred in the Spera District (Khost Province, eastern Afghanistan) close to the border with western Pakistan on 21 June at 20.54 UTC (22 June at 1.24 local time). The epicentre was located 47 km south-west of Khost City.
  • USGS PAGER estimated that 7,000 people were exposed to very strong and 119,000 to strong shaking.
  • According to media reports, 920 people have died, over 600 people have been injured and infrastructure was damaged. The most affected province is Paktika Province (south of Khost Province) with at least 200 deaths, but fatalities were also reported in the Provinces of Khost and Nangarhar. The seismic event was also felt in Pakistan and India.
  • International and local organisations are providing rescue and emergency activities. DG ECHO partners (PUI, DACAAR, IRC, CARE) are assessing the situation and started to provide assistance.
  • For the next 24 hours, moderate to heavy rain with thunderstorms is forecast over eastern Afghanistan, including the affected Provinces.

ECHO Daily Map of 21 June 2022

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ECHO Daily Map of 20 June 2022

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