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Each day, ERCC publishes a map of the most important event or events. The maps are archived and available to the public.

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ECHO Daily Map of 30 October 2020

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ECHO Daily Map of 29 October 2020

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ECHO Daily Map of 28 October 2020

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USA- Hurricane ZETA
  • Hurricane ZETA is moving north over the Gulf of Mexico, located approximately 660 km south-west of New Orleans (Louisiana) on 28 October at 6.00 UTC, with maximum sustained winds of 120 km/h.
  • ZETA is predicted to intensify before making landfall over the New Orleans area early on 29 October, with maximum sustained winds between 120-140 km/h. 
  • A state of emergency has been declared for Louisiana and up to 3,606 evacuees are still in shelters, following Hurricanes LAURA and DELTA in August and October. 
  • A hurricane warning is in effect from coastal central Louisiana to the Mississippi/Alabama border, a storm surge warning for coastal areas from central Lousiana to western Florida and a tropical storm warning from Mississippi/Alabama border to western Florida.

ECHO Daily Map of 27 October 2020

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Philippines, Vietnam - Typhoon MOLAVE update
  • Typhoon MOLAVE is moving towards central Vietnam, its centre was 450 km east Qui Nhon City (Dinh Province, central Vietnam) on 27 October at 6.00 UTC with maximum sustained winds of 204 km/h.
  • National authorities report 1 fatality and 1 missing person in Negros Oriental Province (Central Visayas) following the passage of MOLAVE over the central Philippines. Over 30,100 evacuees are sheltering in 405 centres. At least 109,000 people have been affected in the Central Luzon, Calabarzon and Mimaropa regions.
  • Typhoon MOLAVE is forecast to make landfall over southern Quang Ngai Province (central Vietnam) on 27 October, close to Tropical Storms SAUDEL and LINFA's trajectories and authorities are evacuating up to 1,300,000 people.
  • Heavy rain, strong winds and storm surge are forecast over North Central Coast Region of Vietnam and moderate to heavy rain over notably western regions of the Philippines.
  • Heavy rain, landslide and flash flood warnings have been issued across central Vietnam.

ECHO Daily Map of 26 October 2020

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ECHO Daily Map of 23 October 2020

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ECHO Daily Map of 22 October 2020

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Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos – Severe weather and Tropical cyclone SAUDEL update
  • In Vietnam, due to the passage of tropical storm LINFA and NANGKA, heavy rainfall is affecting the central part of the country triggering floods and landslides that have resulted in casualties and widespread damage. 
  • The AHA centre reports, as of 21 October, up to 111 fatalities, 22 missing, around 66,500 evacuated and approximately 801,000 affected people. In addition, 160,000 houses, more than 360 schools, and several roads were reported damaged undermining relief efforts. TC SAUDEL is forecast to continue north-west and west-southwest across the South China Sea and will trigger additional heavy rain across the lower Mekong region.
  • In Cambodia, the death toll has increased to 34. About 156,137 households in 14 provinces are affected by flash floods. Houses, infrastructure (roads, schools, health centres) and agricultural land continued to be inundated.
  • In Laos, in Savannakhet province, 125 villages with nearly 30,000 people, have been affected. In the province’s Sepon district alone, 40 villages with nearly 1,000 households have been flooded. 
  • DG ECHO is closely monitoring the situation and evaluating a possible emergency intervention to assist the affected people in the region.

ECHO Daily Map of 21 October 2020

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ECHO Daily Map of 20 October 2020

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ECHO Daily Map of 19 October 2020

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