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ECHO Daily Map of 19 August 2019

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Democratic Republic of Congo – South Kivu - New province affected by the 10th Ebola outbreak
  • The 10th Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo continues unabated and has now reached the province of South Kivu.
  • Two cases were detected in the health zone of Mwenga, a rural and scarcely populated area southwest of Bukavu, the capital of the province of South Kivu. They travelled approximately 700 km from Beni to Mwenga having passed by Goma. The first case, a young woman, considered a high-risk contact and vaccinated in Beni, died on 14 August in Mwenga. Her son was confirmed positive on 15 August and is currently receiving treatment. More than 120 contacts have been identified and vaccination started on the 15 August. 
  • UNICEF reports that 1,380 children have lost at least one parent since the beginning of the outbreak. Children under 18 are also being particularly hit by this outbreak, accounting for 28% of all cases. 
  • Heavily affected by insecurity and recurrent displacement, South Kivu counts with 1.7 million people in need of humanitarian assistance, according to OCHA. Given the absolute lack of infrastructure and basic services, with several areas in IPC 3 and currently facing a measles outbreak, people in South Kivu struggle to have access to food, health care and clean water.
  • So far, 2,859 Ebola cases have been reported (2,765 confirmed and 94 probable cases), 1,902 persons have died and 847 have recovered. The outbreak is now affecting 28 health zones in three provinces of DRC.

ECHO Daily Map of 16 August 2019

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India - Monsoon rainfall update
  • The ongoing monsoon in India has lead to 32 fatalities (13 in West Bengal, 11 in Kerala, 4 in Odisha, 4 in Maharashtra) between 12-15 August, according to national authorities.
  • On 12-13 August, more than 265,000 people were evacuated to 7,657 evacuation camps spread across various states. 3,500 houses have been damaged by flood waters.
  • River levels are severe in four sites, while several dams in Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu States are full and authorities have ordered the precautionary release of excess flow.
  • A red alert for heavy rain is in effect for Madhya Pradesh State, but rainfall will continue to affect most of India on 16-17 August.

ECHO Daily Map of 14 August 2019

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ECHO Daily Map of 13 aUGUST 2019

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Japan - Tropical Cyclone KROSA
  • Tropical Cylone KROSA is moving north-east over the Philippine Sea towards Japan.
  •  As of 12 August at 0.00 UTC, its centre was located approximately 900 km south-east of Tanegashima Island (Osumi Islands Kagoshima Prefecture, south-western Japan), with maximum sustained winds of 102 km/h (tropical storm).
  • KROSA is forecast to continue north-west, strengthening. Warnings for high waves are in effect for coastal eastern Japan.

ECHO Daily Map of 12 August 2019

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China - Tropical Cyclone LEKIMA update
  • Tropical Cyclone LEKIMA's passage over eastern China has resulted in fatalities and damage in Zhejiang and Shandong provinces.
  • Media report 44 deaths due to a landslide in Yongjia County (south-western Zhejiang Province). 7 additional fatalities were reported in Zhejiang and 5 in Shandong and 16 people are missing. In Zhejiang, 36,000 houses were damaged. Up to 1.22 million people were evacuated in Zhejiang and 88,000 in Shandong.
  • LEKIMA is moving north and is expected to reach Bohai Sea as a tropical depression on the 12 August. Typhoon warnings are still in effect for Shandong, Hebei and Liaoning provinces.
  • Heavy rainfall and strong winds are forecast over north-eastern coastal China.

ECHO Daily Map of 9 August 2019

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ECHO Daily Map of 8 August 2019

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Japan, China, Taiwan - Tropical Cyclone LEKIMA update
  • Tropical Cyclone LEKIMA is strengthening as it approaches Yaeyama Islands (Ryukyu Archipelago, Okinawa Prefecture, Japan).
  • On 8 August at 0.00 UTC, its centre was approximately 270 km south-east of Iriomote Island (Yaeyama Islands), with maximum sustained winds of 213 km/h (Category 4). It is forecast to pass over Yaeyama Islands on the afternoon of 8 August, with maximum winds of 213-222 km/h before moving north-west towards coastal eastern China.
  • Red warnings for high waves, strong winds and storm surge have been issued for Yaeyama Islands, while warning for a typhoon and heavy rain is in effect for central and northern Taiwan. China's Meteorological Administration (CMA) has launched a typhoon three-level emergency response, as LEKIMA is expected to be the strongest to affect China this year.
  • Heavy rain and strong winds are forecast over Yaeyama Islands, Taiwan Island, Shanghai City, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shandong Provinces and Liaodong Peninsula (China).

ECHO Daily Map of 7 August 2019

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ECHO Daily Map of 6 August 2019

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ECHO Daily Map of 5 August 2019

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Indonesia – Banten earthquake (DG ECHO, UN OCHA, AHA, governments, media)
  • According to the National Agency for Disaster Management (BNPB), following the 6.9 M earthquake last week, 6 are dead, 4 injured, and over 2,100 displaced, mostly in Pandeglang (Banten Province) and Bandar Lampung (Lampung Province). In both provinces, BNPB report 600 houses or buildings destroyed or damaged.
  • No emergency response was declared. Local governments supported by the provincial and national governments provided basic relief assistance.
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