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ECHO Daily Map of 22 March 2019

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ECHO Daily Map of 21 March 2019

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ECHO Daily Map of 20 March 2019

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ECHO Daily Map of 19 March 2019

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ECHO Daily Map of 18 March 2019

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ECHO Daily Map of 15 March 2019

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Afghanistan - Floods UPDATE
  • Heavy rainfall has being affecting central, southern and western Afghanistan over the past two weeks, triggering floods that have resulted in casualties and damage. The most affected provinces are Kandahar, Helmand, Farah, Herat and Badghis.
  • According to ACAPS (Assessment Capacities Project), as of 13 March, the death toll stands at 70, more than 8 670 houses have been damaged and approximately 250 000 people have been affected.
  • Infrastructure damage, rugged terrain and the ongoing rainfall are hindering the response. Insecurity throughout the country remains high and may restrict operations. Nevertheless, the humanitarian response is being put in place to assist those affected with emergency shelter, food, non-food items, winter clothes and emergency latrines.
  • Over the next 72 hours, locally heavy rain and snowfall are forecast over Kabul area and north-eastern areas of the country. Moderate rainfall and snowfall are forecast over the central areas of the country.

ECHO Daily Map of 14 March 2019

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Mozambique, Malawi - Tropical Cyclone IDAI
  • As of 14 March at 0.00 UTC, Tropical Cyclone IDAI's centre was located approximately 315 km east of Beira City (Sofala Province, central Mozambique), with maximum sustained winds of 194 km/h. 
  • IDAI is expected to make landfall very close to Beira City late on 14 March, with maximum sustained winds of 180-190 km/h. On 15 March it is forecast to weaken as it moves west-northwest inland.
  • Between 14-17 March, strong winds, heavy rain and storm surge could affect Zambezia, Sofala, Manica and Inhambane Provinces. Heavy rain and strong winds could also affect northern areas of Niassa, Cabo Delgado Provinces as well as eastern Zimbabwe and southern Malawi.
  • As of 14 March at 8.00 UTC, the death toll has increased to 66 in Zambezia, Tete and Niassa provinces. At least 17 100 are displaced in 16 evacuation centres, 6 000 homes are damaged and approximately 140 000 people affected.
  • The European Commission's Copernicus Emergency Management Service was activated on 9 March and four maps have been produced so far.
  • Two DG ECHO technical experts are being deployed to Malawi and Mozambique.

ECHO Daily Map of 13 March 2019

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ECHO Daily Map of 12 March 2019

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ECHO Daily Map of 11 March 2019

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Mozambique - Tropical Cyclone IDAI-19
  • Tropical Cyclone IDAI-19 is moving south-southwest over the northern Mozambique Channel, strengthening. As of 11 March its centre was located approximatey 120 km north-west of Maintirano (Mahajanga Province, western Madagascar) and 370 km east-southeast of Angoche (Nampula Province, central Mozambique), with maximum sustained winds of 167 km/h. 
  • Over the next 24 hours, TC IDAI-19 is forecast to move south-west over the Mozambique Channel, strengthening, with maximum sustained winds up to 210 km/h. It is expected to make landfall over Mozambique (particularly Zambesia and Sofala Provinces) on 15-16 March.
  • Strong winds, heavy rain and storm surge could affect several provinces of Mozambique (particularly Niassa, Cabo Delgado, North of Nampula, Zambézia, Sofala, Manica and Tete) and the west coast of Madagascar over the next 48 hours.
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