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ECHO Daily Map of 21 November 2019

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Philippines, Japan - Tropical Cyclone KALMAEGI and FUNG-WONG update
  • Tropical Cyclone KALMAEGI's (RAMON in the Philippines) centre was approximately 200 km west-southwest of Manila on 21 November at 0.00 UTC, with maximum sustained winds of 46 km/h (tropical depression) but it will weaken and dissipate as it moves across the South China Sea. 
  • 12,060 people have been affected, 9,320 have been evacuated, 8,099 of which are sheltered in 156 centres. 19 houses have been damaged and 8 roads and 7 bridges closed.
  • Antoher Tropical Cyclone FUNG-WONG (SARAH in the Philippines) is moving over the western Philippine Sea and its centre was approximately 300 km east of Batan Island on 21 November at 0.00 UTC (Batanes Islands, northern Philippines) with maximum sustained winds of 111 km/h. 
  • FUNG-WONG will approach the islands of Ishigaki and Iriomote (Yaeyama Islands, southern Japan) on 22 November with maximum sustained winds up to 83 km/h.
  • On 21-22 November, moderate to heavy rain and strong winds are forecast for northern Luzon and the Yaeyama Islands (Japan) and light to moderate rain in the central and eastern Philippines.

ECHO Daily Map of 20 November 2019

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ECHO Daily Map of 19 November 2019

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Austria, Italy - Severe weather
  • Several avalanches and heavy snowfall have been affected parts of Austria. As of 19 November, one person died after a landslide in Bad Kleinkirchheim (Carinthia Land, central-southern Austria), while 2 other people have been injured by a mudslide event near Salzburg.
  • Several landslides have been reported Drautal (Carinthia Land) and Gegendtal (central Austria). Some household are still cut off from electric power supply.
  • Currently the areas of Eastern Tyrol, Carynthia, southern regions of Salzburg and eastern Murtal in Styria are still affected by heavy rainfall, avalanches and floods. Local and regional intervention teams of fire brigades and medical services are able to cope with the situation.
  • Meanwhile, severe weather, including heavy rain and snowfall, has been affecting Italy. In South Tyrol (Trentino-Alto Adige/Südtirol Region), where heavy snowfall has triggered avalanches, leaving many valleys inaccessible, but the situation at the time is going back to normal. In Bologna province (Budrio), the break of the Idice river bank caused a pre-emptive evacuations of 300 people), while a tornado event was reported in Grosseto Province (Tuscany Region).
  • The Italian Civil Protection has lifted red alert for hydraulic risk in eastern Emilia-Romagna (FERRARA city surroundings).
  • On 19-20 November, rain, and snowfall are forecast over central, and southern Austria. In Italy, heavy rain to locally very heavy rainfall is expected across northern Italy and Campania and on western part of Sicily Region.

ECHO Daily Map of 18 November 2019

ECDM_20191118_Philippines_TC_KALMAEGI .png
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Philippines - Tropical Cyclone KALMAEGI update
  • Tropical Cyclone KALMAEGI (RAMON in the Philippines) is continuing north-west over the Philippine Sea, towards the north-east of Luzon Island. On 18 November at 0.00 UTC, its centre was approximately 130 km east of Cagayan Province (Cagayan Valley Region), with maximum sustained winds of 110 km/h.
  • Heavy rain has led to several floods and landslides across The Philippines. In Romblon Province (Mimaropa region), 795 people were evacuated and more than 3,000 people were affected. Landslides and floods in Camarines Sur Province (Bicol Region) forced at least 3,300 individuals to evacuate and several houses have been damaged.
  • KALMAEGI is forecast to make landfall over northern Cagayan in the night of 18 November, with maximum sustained winds up to 120 km/h.
  • Moderate to locally heavy rain is forecast for northern Luzon Island 18-19 November.

ECHO Daily Map of 15 November 2019

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ECHO Daily Map of 14 November 2019

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ECHO Daily Map of 13 November 2019

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Italy - Severe weather
  • Heavy rain, strong winds and storm surge have been affecting north-east Italy, as well as southern regions, including Sicily, resulting in fatalities and severe damage.
  • Venice has been affected by floods due in particular to a high storm surge, causing 2 fatalities in Pellestrina Island (Venetian Lagoon), while the San Marco Basilica and other historical buildings in the city centre have been damaged.
  • Media report one fatality in Altamura Town (Bari Province, Apulia Region). River overflow has also been reported in Matera City (Basilicata Region), where several roads and houses have been flooded, while the Eolie islands (Sicily Region) are isolated due to severe weather conditions. Schools remain closed on 13 November in many municipalities across Lazio, Basilicata, Campania, Sicily, and Puglia regions.
  • On 13-14 November, more heavy rain and strong winds will persist over most of the country. A further peak of storm  surge is expected across Venice Lagoon later in the morning, of 13 November.

ECHO Daily Map of 12 November 2019

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Australia - Wildfires update
  • Wildfires continue to spread across eastern Australia, with 77 active fires in eastern New South Wales and 13 in eastern Queensland, as of 12 November.
  • In New South Wales, 13 emergency warnings have been issued for several fires, which have breached containment lines and are threatening several communities along the Pacific Highway, including the Greater Sydney Area.
  • Media report 4 firefighters injured on 11 November. At least 170 buildings have been destroyed, as well as 2 public schools. More than 600 schools will remain closed on 12 November. Hazardous air quality due to smoke haze has reached the cities of Sydney and Brisbane and is affecting residents, as reported by the Australian Environmental Department.
  • Hot, dry and strong winds are forecast to favour the development of significant fires in the forthcoming days. According to the European Commission's Joint Research Centre Global Wildfire Information System (GWIS), the fire risk will remain extreme over eastern Australia on 12-13 November, due to worsening weather conditions.

ECHO Daily Map of 11 November 2019

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Bangladesh, India - Tropical Cyclone BULBUL update
  • The number of fatalities in West Bengal State (India) and southern Bangladesh has increased to 20, after Tropical Cyclone BULBUL's passage on 9-10 November. 
  • According to media reports, 10 people died in West Bengal, and 2 more deaths were reported in Odisha State (north-east India). Over 26,000 houses were damaged. 
  • In Bangladesh, 8 people died, 15 fishermen are still missing, and at least 30 people are injured. More than 17,000 houses have been damaged and river embankments were breached in Barguna district (Barisal Division, southern Bangladesh). 
  • Disaster response teams from India and Bangladesh have been deployed to the affected areas and food and relief items are being distributed to the population. 
  • After reaching Tripura State (India) on 10 November, Tropical Cyclone BULBUL was downgraded to a tropical depression. Rain and thunderstorms are forecast in Tripura but drier conditions in West Bengal and Bangladesh on 11-12 November.

ECHO Daily Map of 8 November 2019

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Iran - Earthquake (GDACS, USGS, IRSC, ARISTOTLE Emergency Reporting, IRIMO, media)
  • On 7 November at 23.47 UTC, an earthquake of 5.9M occurred in East Azerbaijan Province (north-western Iran), causing fatalities and damage. 
  • The epicentre was approximately 15 km south of Sarab City. The Iranian Seismological Centre (IRSC) reported 4 aftershocks between 4-4.3M in the area. Up to 6,000 people were exposed to severe shaking, up to 76,000 to very strong shaking and up to 72,000 by strong shaking. 
  • According to media reports, 6 people died in Varnakesh village (Mianeh County) and at least 345 people were injured. A number of houses were demolished in Torkamanchay City(Mianeh County).
  • Emergency and rescue teams have been dispatched to the area and food and relief supplies are being distributed to the affected families.
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