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ECHO Daily Map of 18 February 2020

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Peru - Flash floods and landslides update
  • Heavy rain continues to affect southern regionsof the country, causing widespread flash floods (huaicos), triggering landslides that have resulted in an increasing number of deaths and damage.
  • According to the National Emergency Operations Centre (COEN), 3 people died, 2 in  Sandia Province (Puno Region) and one in Victor Fajardo Province (Ayacucho Region).  More than 200 families in Sandia have been affected and at least 200 houses damaged or destroyed. In Victor Fajardo more than 200 people have been affected and at least 100 houses damaged.
  • Over the next 24 hours, moderate to locally heavy rain is forecast over south-east Peru, in particular over the Puno Region. SENAMHI has issued an orange alert for heavy rain over the southern, central-west (including the Lima region) and north-east of the country.

ECHO Daily Map of 17 February 2020

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ECHO Daily Map of 14 February 2020

ECDM_ 20200214_Horn-of-Africa_Locust.png
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Eastern Africa – Desert Locust outbreak
  • Ethiopia, Somalia, Eritrea, Djibouti, Kenya, Sudan, and most recently Uganda and Tanzania, are faced with a desert locust outbreak, with Ethiopia, Somalia and Kenya most affected.
  • Aerial and ground control measures are ongoing but are insufficient to contain the outbreak. An above average rainy season created favourable conditions for locust breeding in Ethiopia, Somalia, Kenya and Red Sea area (Sudan, Eritrea). With the new cropping season coinciding with new hopper bands, the outbreak risks potentially destroying livelihoods and increasing food insecurity in Eastern Africa, which is still recovering from a severe drought and floods. 
  • More than 10 million people in Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia and Sudan, who are already severely food insecure (IPC Phase 3 or worse), are located in areas currently affected by the desert locust infestation. A further 3.24 million severely food insecure people in Uganda and South Sudan are also under threat.

ECHO Daily Map of 13 February 2020

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ECHO Daily Map of 12 February 2020

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Europe - Severe weather update
  • The remnants of Storm Ciara continue to bring heavy rain, strong winds and thunderstorms, to the UK and central-northern mainland Europe.
  • According to media reports, as of 12 February, 10 deaths have been reported as a result of weather-related incidents, 3 in Poland, 2 in the UK, one in northern Italy, one in the Czech Republic, one in Slovenia and one in Sweden. 6 people were injured in Poland and 5 in the Czech Republic, 31 people in France. Disruptions to transport networks and power supplies continue across the UK, France and the Czech Republic.
  • Over the next 24 hours, moderate rain is forecast over Ireland, northern Scotland, north-eastern France, southern Norway, southern Sweden, Denmark, northern and southern Germany, northern Poland, most of the Czech Republic and Austria as well as over eastern Switzerland. Strong winds are also forecast in northern parts of the UK, The Netherlands, Germany and Poland.

ECHO Daily Map of 11 February 2020

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ECHO Daily Map of 10 February 2020

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ECHO Daily Map of 7 February 2020

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ECHO Daily Map of 06 February 2020

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Coronavirus – Situation update
  • According to ECDC as of 6 February, there are 28,284 confirmed cases of Coronavirus, 28,057 confirmed in China. 565 people have now died after contracting the virus. To date, cases have been reported in 25 countries worldwide, including in 9 countries in Europe. A first case has been reported in Belgium.
  • 25 cases are confirmed in Thailand and 3 new cases and 133 people monitored in The Philippines. No additional cases have been reported in Nepal. 
  • According to WHO on 5 February, the risk assessment of for the outbreak is very high in China and high at regional and global level.
  • DG ECHO’s Emergency Response Coordination Centre (ERCC) continues to monitor the situation in close collaboration with other EU services.

ECHO Daily Map of 5 February 2020

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