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ECHO Daily Map of 08 April 2020

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ECHO Daily Map of 07 April 2020

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ECHO Daily Map of 6 April 2020

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Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, Fiji - Tropical Cyclone HAROLD update
  • Tropical Cyclone HAROLD continued moving south-east over the Coral Sea and made landfall over southwest coast of Espiritu Santo Island (north Vanuatu) on 6 April around 0.00 UTC, with maximum sustained winds up to 215 km/h. On 6 April, in the morning (UTC), its centre was located inland over Espiritu Santo approximately 45 km west of Luganville (town of Vanuatu).
  • Media report, as of 6 April, 7 fatalities and 21 people are still missing across Salomon Islands, after an incident occurred to a passenger ferry in the Solomon Sea due to storm surge. In addition, media report, hundreds of people preventively evacuated across Espiritu Santo.
  • On the forecast track, HAROLD is forecast to continue moving south-east over southern Espiritu Santo, Malo and Pentecost Islands on 6 April in the morning (UTC). Then HAROLD is expected to continue moving south-east over the sea and to pass close to Kandavu Island (south Fiji) on 8 April in the morning.
  • Over the next 24 hours, heavy rain, strong winds and storm surge are forecast over Vanuatu, as well as over Fiji starting from 7 April. 

ECHO Daily Map of 03 April 2020

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ECHO Daily Map of 2 April 2020

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ECHO Daily Map of 01 April 2020

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ECHO Daily Map of 31 March 2020

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ECHO Daily Map of 30 March 2020

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ECHO Daily Map of 27 March 2020

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ECHO Daily Map of 26 March 2020

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Croatia - Earthquake
  • An earthquake of 5.4 M at a depth of 10 km occurred in north Croatia on 22 March at 5.24 UTC (6.24 local time). The epicentre was in the Zagreb area, approximately 10 km north of downtown. The earthquake was followed by aftershocks, the largest of 4.6 M.
  • As of 23 March, 27 injured people and one deaths - due to severe injuries caused by the earthquake - had been reported.
  •  Authorities have received more than 7,000 reports from citizens about damages. There are over 600 damaged buildings estimated so far, some of which are no longer usable. 
  • Croatia activated the EU Civil Protection Mechanism for mainly medical items, a field hospital and protective equipment. The Emergency Response Coordination Centre (ERCC) remains in close contact with the Croatian civil protection authorities.
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