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ECHO Daily Map of 14 August 2020

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ECHO Daily Map of 4 August 2020

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ECHO Daily Map of 12 August 2020

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ECHO Daily Map of 11 August 2020

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Lebanon - Explosion update
  • Following the explosion in central Beirut, the casualty overview as of 10 August is: 158 people dead, 6 000 injured and 21 missing.  More than 300 000 are thought to be currently homeless.
  • Lebanese Armed Forces have taken over emergency management from Civil Defense, the High Defence Council (HDC) is acting as coordinating body.
  • Coordination on preliminary needs assessments are underway with UN OCHA leading the international response in support of the national authorities.
  • There are 21 international teams reported to be in Beirut: including from Turkey, Jordan, Algeria, Egypt, Kuwait, Iran, Russian Federation, Qatar, Iraq, Canada, Australia, UK as well as the teams from EU member states.
  • Six search and rescue teams (CZ, DE, EL, FR, NL, PL) one CBRN (IT) and one medical team (FR) have been deployed through the Union Civil Protection Mechanism (UCPM). Since the lifesaving phase has been declared over by Lebanese authorities, the search and rescue teams and the CBRN team will be demobilising over the coming week

ECHO Daily Map of 10 August 2020

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ECHO Daily Map of 7 August 2020

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ECHO Daily Map of 6 August 2020

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Lebanon - Explosion update
  • Following the explosion in central Beirut on 4 August, at least 135 people are confirmed to have died, more than 100 are still missing and 5,000 have been injured. Several houses have been damaged or destroyed, displacing more than 300,000 people. Many health facilities, including hospitals, have sustained structural damage. 
  • National authorities in cooperation with humanitarian organisations are assisting those affected and search and rescue activities are underway.
  • The EU Civil Protection Mechanism (EUCPM) was activated on 5 August following a request for assistance from the Lebanese governement. Urban search and rescue teams from Greece, Czechia, Poland, France, Germany, Italy and The Netherlands have deployed to Beirut to support the national response. Italy, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and France have also sent relief items to Lebanon through the EUCPM.
  • Delineation maps produced by the EU's Copernicus emergency satelite mapping service will assist the Lebanes authorities with their damage assessment of the affected area. 

ECHO Daily Map of 5 August 2020

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USA, Canada - Tropical Cyclone ISAIAS update
  • Tropical Cyclone ISAIAS is moving as a post-tropical cyclone over southern Canada. On 5 August at 6.00 UTC, its centre was approximately 100 km south-west of Quebec (Canada), with maximum sustained winds of 65 km/h.
  • Media report, 6 deaths, 2 in North Carolina, 2 in Maryland and New York City, one in Pennsylvania, and one in Delaware.
  • ISAIAS is forecast to continue north-east over southern and eastern Quebec on 5-6 August, as a post-tropical cyclone.
  • Heavy rain and strong winds are forecast over New England (Maine in particular), and southern and eastern Quebec on 5-6 August.

ECHO Daily Map of 4 August 2020

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China, Korean Peninsula, Taiwan - Tropical Cyclone HAGUPIT update
  • Tropical Cyclone HAGUPIT made landfall over Wenzhou (southern Zhejiang Province, China) on 3 August as a typhoon. On 4 August, its centre was approximately 255 km south of Shangai, with maximum sustained winds of 85 km/h (tropical storm).
  • Media report one death and one injured person in the Taipei area (Taiwan), with 381,000 people preventively evacuated across Zhejiang Province.
  • Residents across the Korean Peninsula are bracing for more heavy rain. North Chungcheong Province (South Korea) is the worst affected, with mudslides and flooding forcing people from their homes and damaging infrastructure. 12 people died and another 13 are missing in South Korea.
  • Typhoon Hagupit will reach the region by the second half of the week as a tropical rainstorm. These are the fourth major floods experienced in the country since mid-July. Heavy rain and strong wind will continue to affect Taiwan, and parts of Zhejiang, and Jiangsu Provinces (China). Very heavy rain is forecast over southern Zhejiang and the Korean Peninsula.

ECHO Daily Map of 3 August 2020

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