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Japan, Philippines - Tropical Cyclone LAN

published on 23/10/2017
  • Tropical Cyclone LAN (named PAOLO in the Philippines) made landfall in Japan over Shizuoka Prefecture on 22 October evening (UTC) as a typhoon. It then moved over Chiba prefecture. Heavy rain, strong winds and storm surge affected Honshu Island, including the area of Tokyo. According to local media, at least two people have been killed and at least five have been injured in central Japan.
  • Over the next 24 hours, the typhoon will move over open water, weakening and dissipating. Heavy rain may continue to affect Honshu and Hokkaido Islands on 23-24 October. 
  • In the Philippines, due to tropical cyclones LAN and TWENTYSIX, official reports mentioned that more than 990 houses have been damaged and over 155 100 people have been affected in the regions IX, CARAGA, ARMM. 
  • Meanwhile, tropical storm TWENTYSEVEN formed over the Western Pacific Ocean on 19 October and is currently moving northwest. Over the next 24 hours, it could pass south of Guam.
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